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Name a character and I will tell how she/he lost her/his virginity

You guys know what to do. And why do I get the feeling someone is going to ask about Aerrow and laugh at me :(
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Uh, I highly suspect that either one of these days, Aerrow and Piper might get a clue and actually get married and raise kids! And they'll sit around the fire as Aerrow tells his kids how he SAVED the day as a Sky Knight.

On the other hand, I also highly suspect that Aerrow and the Dark Ace will end up in a bar, get drunk and hijinks ensue.

(...is it sad that the last one seems more probable?)

But really, Aerrow is one of those characters I have a hard time seeing being...in a relationship? SOMEONE WOULD MOLEST HIM A LOT and I'd see that as more IC sob.
Dahlia from Phoenix Wright?

See, for me, Dahlia probably lost her virginity at a really early age, when she was trying to steal his wallet and the fancy ring he got for his fiancee.
oooh Starling.

Starling probably had this humongous crush back in the day on one of her squadron and before one battle, they had a heart-to-heart talk with him/her and then they had comfort sex.

The next day, Repton killed him/her. :|

..I should write this.
....finn losing his virginity sounds so improbable.


ONE DAY, FINN WILL FIND A NICE GIRL and settle down and have BABIES. AND Uncle Junko will live with them. Because. He can. :|

(I do in fact, ship Finn/Junko, but wallopsex scares me)

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you hooker.

Oz - s-see, this is just asking for tragedy but. He'll probably get engaged to some girl to continue the family line and marry her for the sake of kids. Sharon is a no and I-I don't think Alice can bear kids ._.

Gil - will be drunk and miserable over his YOUNG MASTER'S!!!!! marriage and someone will promptly take advantage of him. Gil will wake up in the morning, blow the guy's brains out and then go back to his YOUNG MASTER in tears.

Break - lost his virginity to VINCENT. er. yeah that.

...Except that hurts me, so....STORK :D

........Not that that doesn't hurt me as well XD
Two things will happen!

There will actually be a FEMALE MERB~ out there for Stork who will somehow top him, live in the Condor and cure his paranoia of morning sickness (it's not contagious, honey~)


Piper will top him anyway, they'll be this weird smrt kickass couple that SURF the skies and Piper will logically explain all of Stork paranoias away. Then she'd top him a lot and take him to bed.
Much as I am disturbed that you came up with this...

Captain Jack Harkness.

Have fun!