Daphne in the wood (bromantic) wrote,
Daphne in the wood

ph - tumbling down

Title - Tumbling Down
Fandom - Pandora Hearts
Pairing - Gen. (uh, Oz/Gil and Oz/Alice if you squinted?)
Summary - "And what if he actually hit the ground?"

Oz will never stop falling. Falling into the gravesite, falling into the abyss, falling falling falling past everything till the world is spinning so fast that the light was sucked out of his eyes. And there was nothing to hold onto, no ledge in site, no hand to grab, no string to keep his tenuous grip to his soul straight and true. He will forever keep falling, keep failing because--

--because it was the person he has become.

Sometimes, he wonders what everyone would do when he finally hit the ground, when his bones will crack and his body will rupture and crumple like paper. What would they say, peering over him with lidless eyes (tears?). He knows that Gil would cry. It's all he ever did to Gil. Hurting Gil over and over again until he couldn't care anymore because the guilt hurt him, hurt what he is and Oz rather be dead and gone so that Gil could stop hurting over Oz's life.

Final tears. Poetic, but final.

Alice would cry. She cries too easily. She would shout at him, kick him, slap him until he moved. And he would. He would move for her, beyond death, beyond life, beyond the spinning of the world because she needs him and he needs her and they won't let each other go, they would die and die again because that need was the magnet that crippled them.

He knew he couldn't die because they need him. But what does he need?

...Perhaps he simply needs to keep falling.

ALSO PIMPING FOR GREAT JUSTICE! chibimazoku's brilliant Pandora Hearts fic "Not Particular to Size"
Tags: ipimp, linkage, pandorically heartful

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