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a word of praise

I thought I had fever for a minute there (warmish, dry throat, etc etc) and I haven't fallen sick in ages. That was rather jarring. In other news! I finished Nodame Cantabile. I loved it! Admittedly, it had one of my greatest loves of all time: classical music, but it was used very effectively and that brings a glow to my heart.

Another reason why I loved it. The romance. Which wasn't really romance to me because the show itself didn't focus on it! I don't watch J-dramas because you start watching them knowing that there'll be a set OTP, there will be MOMENTS and so on so forth and the one thing I despise about romances is outrightly being told what is going to happen for couple A.

This is not what Nodame Cantabile does. You may know what the OTP is, but it doesn't heavily focus on that than it does on its witty and amazing characters. And it's then and only then that you unravel the romanticism of the show by simply following the characters. In the beginning, it felt like the story was about Chiaki and in many ways, it simply was! But Nodame's story was so beautifully entwined in Chiaki's story that I fully began to appreciate the two. Then she branched out strongly and amazingly and I loved them.

I have to hand to Imp and Nodame-mun though. Playing these two must be hard and many times, I find myself utterly confused by Chiaki and Nodame's actions. They weren't typical of a J-drama or any romantic show!  But again, that's what made it such a thrill to watch. I'm glad that it surprised me so well.

Also, S-Oke orchestra is a thing of beauty. And I kinda love Straussman and Harisen-sensei. I dunno why but I do.
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