Daphne in the wood (bromantic) wrote,
Daphne in the wood

ph fic - revolve

Title - Revolve
Fandom - Pandora Hearts
Pairing - Alice x Oz x Gil
Summary - Spin around me like lights around a candle flame...

The Sun - Alice

She burned. She was the candle, the moth, the fire that drove people away from her. She was bloody, bold, the laughing rabbit who kicked people when they were down, burning the world away with her voice, her call of the Abyss in where she despaired. And she wrapped herself in dark dregs and flames, her knees huddled to her chest as she slowly burns away into nothing, the tiny wick of a flicker, the death of a flame.

And then, he came and spun her off her feet with smiles and kind words. He took her in and spun around her, danced around her with nimble feet until she too began to tap her feet to his unusual rhythm, the sway of his arms as they picked her up and she flew, her hair falling down like rain upon his face as she leaned closer to press her face against his neck...

Sometimes, she thinks the cold hands will be around her neck and forever snuff out the flame. It's not today, she thinks as he sits beside her, his neck showing the faint marks of a stranglehold.

He's holding her hand tightly. Gilbert is holding his gun.

The Moon - Gilbert

It seemed perfectly normal for his life to center around Oz. He was his servant, after all. Even if he didn't perform all the other duties Miss Kate and Sir Oscar do around the house, he is always there, always keeping an eye on Oz (two eyes actually. He never did realized that he stared too long sometimes) and always, always making sure that Oz was the focus of his vision. He couldn't lose sight, he couldn't let go, he couldn't--

--stop Oz from falling into the Abyss.

There is a pain in his chest as he continues to watch, continues to stay in the distance, watching, learning, always making sure that Oz is there, in the crux of his vision, where he belongs. Sometimes, Oz is closer and encompasses all that Gil knows, swallowing up the landscape in front of him by being there, smiling, his green eyes staring back at him balefully as if to challenge him, "So. So you see me. So what?"

He shudders when Oz takes his face into his hands and gently trails imaginary patterns across his cheeks, his eyes eating up what was left of Gil's minuscule world and Gil almost pushes him away because this is not how it works. He was supposed to be in the background, a part of the scenery. Never this close, never so close that Oz's very breath seems to draw away his with a whisper.

Oz mutters, "Stay, stay, don't leave," and the next minute he would say, "Leave, leave me and never come back."

He's not sure which one is more truthful. So he stays. And he watches.

The World - Oz

Oz wants to live.

It's a simple wish. Simple enough to do, right? But he doesn't seem to be doing it right. He breathes and curses his breath, he speaks and weeps for his voice, he shudders and he is sure his body would crumble. This life is too tedious, too much of a chore. But he keeps existing. Because he is not only supporting his own life, but two others. So, he lives and dies every waking day to keep that smile he had so very well perfected. And sometimes, he knows he's alive when Gil plays with his hair with that bemused smile that is a secret to only them and he knows he's alive when Alice's small back is pressed against his own, her wet hair tickling the base of his neck like a crackling wild creature.

He knows he's alive when they reach for him in the dark and their small scrambling fingertips brush against his soul like a lifeline.

And he returns.

Shut up, I'm on a PH high.
Tags: pandorically heartful

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