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I'm in university but I don't even know why I'm here.

I'm not learning anything.

I'm not making friends.

I'm not...goddamnit.

I feel like such a waste.
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*Snugs* Just try your best at things! Try to join clubs and talk to the people in your dorm. :(

Are there any courses that you could take in the future and have fun with? Not necessarily on the path to a career, just. . . for the love of learning about it. And that may serve a double purpose of finding friends who are interested in the same thing. Like I plan on taking Latin with absolutely no intention to deal with Classics professionally, because I've found that the people who love it are really sweet and dorky too.
Maybe I should take a break from English and Film because I know the stuff they're teaching me and it's not helping.

M'afraid I can't sympathize on the not learning anything point, because am in COURSE OF INSANITY, but the not making friends thing yeahhhhhhhh. *massive hugs*
[pets] I remember that point in college. (Well, not so much point as my entire college career er.) All I can say is keep going for as long as you can, and if it doesn't get better in a year, seriously consider whether or not college is worth it for you. There's nothing more frustrating than sitting there with your parents paying $150 dollars per class, in a room full of people you don't know, in a campus full of people you don't know, and not actually learning a damn thing.
OH HONEY. *hugs* I'm failing pretty hard at the social thing right now, too. If I didn't live with Harley I...wouldn't see anyone. (which is going to make france so much fun) This is a really hard time in school for everyone (this time of year) so just stick it out (which I know is probably not what you want to hear...) You can do it, love. You encouraged me so much this week and now I'm boomeranging that back to you. FAITO (evidently...did I use that right? XD)
I live on my own. I'm not very conducive to making friends because generally, I fail as a social person! Also finding people with my interests is tricky.

Thank you love ♥ I will faito!
Thank you. It's just that I'm wasting money and time on something I know that's going to define my career and it's just not...doing that for me. ♥
Well i can sympathize with you cause right now the samething dont know why Im in college.

(again massive hugs) but you still have friends in Singapore and Ill try to come visit next year during one of the holidays. Also, just to make u feel better as well, Im not getting any friends like ppl in UWC.

Dont worry about not learning anything, everything taught in college is not useful.
You are NOT a waste.

Everyone in this post has given you very good advice, so I am just here to give you LOVE. ♥

But I will say that I'm in the same boat. So I started volunteer work at the local museum and took up fencing. THESE THINGS HAVE CAUSED ME TO MEET PEOPLE, ZOMG.
You're not a waste at all. ♥ This is late and probably you don't need this kind of comment now, but I wanted to leave you a comment anyway.

Everyone already said much of what I could say so I will just... leave it at that. Stay strong~.