water seeping

But you don't really care for music do you?

I finally got a hold of my counselor. I might have to
a) Go to a professional psychiatrist
b) Get medication
c) other stuff goes here

Need to tell my parents that I might have actually developed a phobia for people. My head hurts and I cried for an hour. Roger says it's symptoms of a depression but then shouldn't I feel depressed?

God, I don't know anymore.
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[hugs] I know. I would think I would FEEL more depressed (and he even asked me if I cut and I was like "My dad would KILL me dude")


...that is to say, get your ass online so I can talk to you. Or get your ass out there and meet people.
I'm glad you got to talk to your counselor. AND YOU NEED TO STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF, this is all very emotional and difficult to come to grips with, so be patient with yourself D: ♥
*hugs* Hang in there and of course, you got plenty of friends to turn to when it gets bleeky. ♥
*snugs* Sometimes it's hard to see for yourself where you are (although you are always the final authority!), which is why a counselor is a great idea. I hope you find a combination of things that work to make you feel amazing, because you definitely deserve it!

I HEART YOUUUUUUUU~~~ (and I'm soooooo proud of you! it takes a lot to take action <3)
Counselors do help a lot! Hopefully, I'll be getting it in gear.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ [snugs]
Thank you. It's weird going through this, but a lot of people said they've been through the same thing before, so I'm feeling a lot better with myself.

[pets] At least you're going to a counselor so that will hopefully help some. It's hard to admit that you're a little screwy in the brain, but in my experience, having an objective opinion helps you because you're not thinking the worse and a general goal to get better comes along with it. Feel better? ♥

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I will admit, I always knew I was a little screwy in the head, but I didn't think I would be quite this bad. But if it helps, then it helps and right now, I need it. &hearts
...dude, I go back off LJ for a short while and this happens. T____T *slaps silly* Time your 'need friends' moments when I can see them, dammit! *cling*

How can you cry and not feel depressed? And depression works in mysterious ways. Phobia for people? (Don't you wuv me anymore?) How did this happen? What's going on? Symptoms? Why the heck are you several continents away?!!! *hugs*

Um, cheery stuff...
- Started watching Torchwood! It's all James Marsters' fault, I watched the first ep of the second series, so I thought it might not be so bad and now I feel 'intense ambivalence' towards show. Weird. (Did I mention that you're pretty?)
- Out of ideas, my life is uneventful. Ah, stuff it, my last resort:
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(And you know I love you, right?)


Uh. It's weird to explain? [snuggles] I'm not sure myself, we're hoping the psychiatrist might help better. I'll be back in MAY for a loooooong time.

-uhuhuh Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. That's still my favourite episode.

Oo, goodie!!!! I hope I don't disappear then, that would just be my luck.

...it misrepresented the series!!! *fume* I watched the first episode of the first series a few months ago, which pretty much meant I refused to watch the rest. (T___T Jack, my heart aches in sympathy for your poor soul) Then I thought I'd give it a second chance, so I watched 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and I've been waiting for another episode like it ever since. XD But oh, Jack:
Watching the girl possessed by the alien that feeds off orgasms disintegrate the boy who just climaxed.
JACK: Wow.
TOSHIKO: Oh, my God! He just ...
JACK: Came and went.
(Owen sniggers)

GWEN: Have you ever eaten alien meat?
JACK: Yeah.
GWEN: What was it like?
JACK: Well, he seemed to enjoy it.
Jeeta: ...what the hell, Jack. *will not stop laughing* I swear, it's the small token moments that keep me going. Now if only I could witness his full on flirting with the Doctor. T___T When does he indicate to Ianto what the hand in the jar is?
Depression--the clinical sort--isn't about feeling depressed. Depression's basically when you're dead, but your body hasn't caught up. You start shutting down, everything makes you very tired. Feeling depressed is an emotion--it comes and goes. Depression is a constant state. Yeah.