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The Plot bunnies attack again.....this time from FAKE

Tyson: *pats Dee's back* I'm sorry, but she likes you too much!

Kai: Hn. He's getting off easy if you ask me.

Rei: Which we didn't.

Here it is, my new AU FAKE story!! Please read.... ;__;

By Timberwolf220

Pairings (for now): Leo x Dee, Ryo x Dee, Bikky x Lai
Summary: What if Bruno raised Dee instead of Mary Lane? (AU) (Mild dark themes) (Language)
DISCLAIMER: Sanami Matoh, I love you. I’ll marry you and get the rights! How’s that? …No? Oh well.

Prologue: Babe in the Cradle

Jess Latener (1) didn’t know what to do.

One minute, he was scouting the back alleyways for a certain gang member who weaseled out on them. It was moments like these that he regretted turning corrupt. Of course, he did tend to live longer than the Syndicate weasels, but at the moment, he didn’t feel very pleased with himself. In fact, he felt like shit and he damn well knew it.

So, here he was, in some of the filthiest alleys of the Big Apple, searching for a thin pale guy who would be on the receiving end of a very nasty cop. You gotta feel pity for the weasel.

Bruno was there as well, except he went down another path. This gave Jess some time to take a breather. Having your boss behind your back was not a very comforting thought. In fact, one tiny slipup would mean Jess would end up joining the dear weasel he was hunting. And Jess didn’t want that.

Sighing, he ran a hand through his blackish-grey hair (2) and surveyed the area. There was a fence at the end of the alleyway and there were boxes by the side stacked on top of each other. This shows the snitch had passed through this alleyway and probably many miles away by now. Bruno is going to have his ass on a platter for this.

Jess turned around, fully intending to tell him what he had deduced when a soft almost piteous wail erupted from behind him. His eyes widening, he turned around. There was no one there. For a brief moment, he felt a flicker of fear before steeling himself and clenching the gun in his pocket.

It was then that his eyes spotted a small white bundle near the boxes besides the fence. Cautiously, the gun still in hand, he approached the bundle and gently turned the covers.

A baby. It was a baby.

The baby looked up at him with wide adoring green eyes. They were such a clear-cut brazen colour that Jess found that he was unable to meet it. Slowly, he glanced around to see if anyone left some kind of identification for the child. Nothing, only the white cloth that wrapped the baby was there. Jess swore and then covered his mouth. Swearing in front of children…he chuckled, remembering dear Mary Lane.

But, what was he supposed to do with it? He certainly can’t take it home with him.

Jess picked up the bundle in his arms tentatively, feeling more and more conscious every minute. And no one was even here! He berated himself, not even Brun—

That thought was like ice-water down his suit. Bruno. Shit, he had completely forgotten about him. Jess made sure he was holding the baby properly and proceeded to leave the alleyway.

“Latener,” And the smooth suave Italian accent did not disguise the person in the least, “What do you have there?”

Bruno stood at the entrance of the alleyway, two of his cronies behind him, doing nothing but looking ugly. Jess resisted the urge to sneer at them and slowly approached Bruno, the apprehension highlighting his eyes.

Bruno stared at the baby in astonishment. At least, so Jess believed. He wasn’t good at reading emotions. The two hitmen looked suitably shocked as well. It was a normal occurrence; children being dumped on the streets to fend for themselves. But what was definitely not normal were babies seemingly dumped in dirty alleyways. Jess concluded silently that this city was going to the dogs.

“I found it in the back,” Jess said churlishly. He always used an accent talking to the superiors. That way, they underestimate him and that always helped you out when you were in deep shit later on.

Bruno gestured for Jess to come closer and peered closely at the baby, “What an unusual coloring his eyes have,” He murmured, “Almost Arabic or Turkish.”

Then Bruno held his arms out and Jess (reluctantly) gave him the child. As they began to walk away, Jess summoned up his courage and spoke up, “What are you going to do with him?”

Bruno spared Jess a disdain glance and Jess clenched his fists in restrained anger, “I suppose, he would be good for Alicia.”

Alicia. Bruno’s daughter and heir. Jess swallowed the lump that had fixated itself on his throat, “And what will you name him?” He said.

Bruno’s lips etched themselves into a smirk. Or that’s what it looked like. Jess had never seen a smile on Bruno’s face before.

“I suppose since you found him, you have a right to name him,” Bruno said, causing Jess to blink in disbelief, “Well?”

Jess wracked his brains and suddenly without thinking he said, “Dee.”

Bruno gave him an imperceptible nod, “Then it is set,” Bruno smirked, causing shivers to run down Jess’ spine, “He will be called Dee Latyner.”

A/N: (1) I know for a fact that Dee’s and Jess’ last names are spelled differently. I don’t know why, but it is. Deal with it.
(2) I have only one episode of the OVA, okay? Every thing here is done according to the manga, so it is strictly manga-verse. So if I mess up on the little details that do not pertain to the OVA, no griping, okay?

Reviews are my milk and sugar. So do a girl with a large sweet tooth a favour, okay?

By Timberwolf220

Chapter Two: Youth in the Making
Pairings: Leo x Dee, Ryo x Dee, slight JJ x Drake (depending on my mood), Bikky x Lai (crack pairings people! XP XP XP)

“You look like Alicia whacked you with her purse,” A tall blonde teen quirked his eyebrows at the other teen who was in the same room, staggering towards the chair. The blonde had icy blue eyes that seemed to freeze up your body in a glance and a hard lean body which suggested he worked and trained himself often. When you work for a Syndicate, it’s important to keep yourself on top of things. It’s verifiable dangerous to slack off.

The other teen shot him a heated glare, “She did,” Sighing, the youth ran a hand through his messy raven black locks. He was slightly shorter than the blonde, but lithe and muscular. His movements were swift and graceful and his eyes were a sharp clear-cut green, “Damnit, how was I supposed to know she was PMSing?” He muttered.

Leo let out a bark of laughter, “You should have come to me. I would have told you that.”

Dee shot him a shocked look, “She told you?!”

“No,” Leo said honestly, “I’m more subtle than you, that’s all.” Dee snorted and threw up his hands in the air in exasperation, “Everyone is more subtle than me, what’s your point?” He growled out, ignoring Leo’s laughter.

Leo hid his smile behind his hand, “Well, I could give you some pointers…” He said, drawling. The seductive tone, Leo noted with delight, seemed to drain the anger out of Dee and make him more complacent to deal with.

Dee licked his lips in anticipation and before a word was said, there was a thunderous knocking on the door, “DEE LATYNER!!”

Dee winced, “Damnit,” He swore. Alicia was going to send him into hospital at this rate. Leo snickered and whistled innocently when Dee aimed another terrifying glare at him. If looks could kill….Leo was very glad they couldn’t.

“Should I tell her you’re here?” Leo said, his usually chipped blue trying to withhold the mirth that was teetering from his eyes. Dee’s eyes widened in horror and shook his head vigorously. Leo, taking some pity over him (A/N: PMSing women are hell and I know it) went up to the door and said, “Sorry Alicia, but Dee’s not here.” He bit his tongue to keep himself from laughing.

The thunder and lightning from behind the door died instantly. “Is that right?” Alicia said softly, almost dangerously. Leo winced, imagining the torture phases running through her head. Women are so touchy over the littlest things.

Leo nodded vigorously and realized that she couldn’t see him and said, “He’s not here Alicia,” He said firmly and coldly. Dee sighed. She simply didn’t give up, did she?

Silence and then the tapping of heels began to fade. Leo tentatively opened the door slightly and sighed in relief. She was gone. Dee peeked as well and wiped his brow. Leo closed the door and Dee went back to his seat, “Thank God for small miracles,” Dee said fervently.

Leo smirked, “You owe me.”

“I’ll pay you back,” Dee said, shuddering as if he imagined what would happen if Alicia sank her dark red fingernails into him. It was a thought even grown men would tremble for.

“I’d rather you’d pay me back now,” And Leo pushed Dee down and kissed him. Dee closed his eyes and let Leo run his hands through his hair. Dee moaned slightly and wrapped his hands around Leo, enjoying the sensations that flooded him. It wasn’t anything new, but it always felt …invigorating.

They broke apart, panting heavily. Dee’s hair was mussed up and some of Leo’s buttons were undone. They smiled at each other and Leo offered a hand to Dee as they got up.

“So what do we do today, other than avoid Alicia?” Dee said, smiling at Leo. Leo frowned as a stray thought hit him and he groaned, “I have to meet Bruno. We have a bust to deal with.”

“Woah, slow down,” Dee looked at Leo, disbelief in his eyes, “Bruno is letting you do a bust?!”

Leo smirked, “Apparently he said it was time I began some of my ‘duties’. I think he was serious when he said he wanted me to take over.”

Dee bit his lip, not wanting to show his apprehension and dismay over that idea, “Does that mean you’ll have to marry Alicia?” He said quietly. Leo was no idiot. He picked up that tone of despair in Dee’s voice.

“Well, there’s always adultery,” Leo said nonchalantly, watching Dee’s face light up and pecked his cheek, “Nothing’s decided okay? So don’t worry your empty little head over it.”

“Empty little—,” Dee began, his ears turning red and was immediately silenced by Leo’s lips. Sheepishly, he muttered, “Fine.”

Leo gave the younger boy a genuine smile and opened the doors to reveal a very angry Alicia.

“DEE LATYNER!!!!!!!”

The house trembled.


Frank McLane (1) watched the cargo pass by, with a thoroughly bored look on his face. God, he swore that brown package pass by him for the hundredth time now. If he didn’t enjoy his work, if he didn’t enjoy traveling the world, he would have become a hermit and spent the rest of his life in a cave in Tibet.

So he sat there, watching the bags pass by. There were several passengers on his flight and all he could discern from them were the many flashy colours that seemingly could blind a person (and considering how gaudy and sparkly the colours were, he didn’t doubt that possibility). The only thing he wanted to do was go home to his son.

Someone pecked his cheek lovingly and slid her arms around his neck. He leaned into her embrace and smiled at her. She had soft expansive brown eyes, the kind you see on deer and a slim face with an almost pale complexion. Her lips were curved into an expressive smile and the long gold earrings glinted from under the strobe light.

“Bored?” She said, picking up his mood instantaneously. He sighed and smiled at her. She winked, “I’m sure the baggage will come out soon.”

“Remind to stick to first class from now on,” Frank said with disgust as most of the fat portly gentlemen had already recovered their cargo and were proceeding to leave. She laughed and patted his head condescendingly. The act reminded him of his kid sister (though it didn’t seem fair to call her a kid anymore. She had married already and had a blooming career as a photographer) who had this knack of annoying him. But from his wife, it didn’t quite bother him so much.

“Ryo must be waiting,” She said quietly, “In his last card he told me he joined the soccer league. I wonder how he’s doing,” Frank grunted in reply. He never really excelled in physical activities, preferring Arts more. But his boy was allowed to do what he liked and damn him if he tried to get in the way of Ryo’s happiness.

“I’m sure he’s fine,” He said gently, grasping his wife’s hand and feeling some of the glorious warmth fill him, “He’s a responsible kid. More than I was,” He admitted to his chagrin.

His wife laughed, a smooth sound that rolled off the tip of her tongue. Frank always marveled how open she was. It always unnerved him though. There were times when she could be so reckless, but in the end, that didn’t change much.

“You’re right,” She said, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes, “At any rate, let’s get going.”

Frank huffed, “We need one more package,” And if it didn’t come soon, he was going to throttle something. Finally, he spotted a small mottled brown package that came his way. Without truly looking at it, he picked up the package and grabbed his wife’s hand, “Let’s leave,” He said hurriedly. Any minute longer and he would fear the loss of his sanity.

His wife’s laughter rang throughout the airport.


‘They need to be taken care of.’

Leo tensed his shoulders as the omnipotent words poured out of Bruno’s mouth. He didn’t like this. Sure, he owed Bruno a lot and wouldn’t betray him. But what he was asking for him went against everything he learnt before. No, it wasn’t Bruno who was the backbone of his life. No, that title and credit went to his mother. God rest her soul.

But, in order to secure his position in the Syndicate, he had to do it. He felt a pit in his stomach when he imagined Dee and Alicia’s looks of horror. Alicia didn’t disapprove of killing; if fact she was probably as cold-hearted as he was when it came to the subject, but she never enjoyed it. And Dee…well, Dee was like fire. Should someone hurt something he felt dear, then that all-eclipsing fire would consume that person until there was nothing left, but ashes.

As for himself, holding a gun offered no sense of security. He didn’t like killing at all and guns felt cold and alien in his hands. But as his fingers slid easily around the trigger, an iron will appeared and replaced his squeamish fear. ‘Gomen ne ‘kaasan (2)’ he thought to himself as he slid the gun into his coat pocket.

He watched the couple take the package. He hadn’t been given a picture of the couple who needed to carry the goods, but he was quite sure it was a couple; a man and woman posing as a married couple. And these two looked married. So, he had no qualms.

Yet…he shoved his conscience right to the bottom of his toes. He didn’t need to feel guilty. ‘They’re Syndicate rodents’ He told himself, ignoring the sweat that trickled down from his neck and made his collar slightly damp, ‘That’s all. They mean nothing. They live their life as rodents, scavengers.’

He wished Dee was here. Dee would have no problem convincing him of what he was about to do. If Dee believed in it, it was that simple. Leo can’t remember an argument he won against the youth. Dee was so sure of his ideals and Leo knew that if it ever came down to it, he’d pick Dee’s ideals over his any day. Because Dee had faith to back them up.

That’s more than Leo ever had. Leo only had his mother’s dying words and memories to back up his conscience.

“They’re moving out Leo,” An ugly man with overly large sunglasses said. His gaze was oily and Leo repressed a shudder of disgust and clenched the gun in his pocket.

“Get the others and meet at the rendezvous,” Leo said coldly watching the man leave from the corner of his eyes and wiped his sweaty brow. Ernie Fry had confirmed the couple’s identity and Leo wasn’t particularly fond of the man, he didn’t have a reason to not believe his confirmation. Besides, wrong information meant one thing for Ernie and Leo knew he wouldn’t want that.

A few minutes later, the detour sign was set up and the couple’s car inched closer. Leo stilled all movements and the men hoisted their guns up in anticipation. Ernie licked his lips, a frightening smile on his face and Leo struggled to maintain his impassive look. The car turned slightly into the woods and Leo raised his right hand.

‘They’re nothing but Syndicate rodents’

‘Rodents. Scavengers’

With his heart throbbing in his chest, he dropped the hand when the car came into his view.

His ears began ringing from the volley of gunshots and he shut his eyes unconsciously.

‘Nothing, but rodents’

His ears didn’t stop ringing for a long time.

A/N: (1) Yes, Ryo’s father’s name is Frank McLane. In the manga. No clue what it is in the OVA.
(2) ‘Gomen ne ‘kaasan’ : I’m sorry Mother

So, we see teenage Dee in the Syndicate and more Leo (yay!). I’m sorry if I mischaracterized Alicia, but PMS daunts even the hardest coldest women. XD. And about Ryo being in the Soccer league, that’s true. In the manga (Vol 5) one of Ryo’s friends tells him not to miss the Soccer match. And Frank’s kid sister (if you haven’t guessed it already) is Elena, who is married and is a photographer.

It’s my birthday. Give me reviews instead of presents, okay?

By Timberwolf220
Chapter Two: A very rude awakening
Pairings: Leo x Dee, Ryo x Dee, Bikky x Lai (I’m sticking with this. Author’s license, so nyah! XP)

It was perfect. The sky was a clear blue, he had gotten good grades this quarter, holidays was approaching quickly, he got into the Soccer league and his parents were coming home. What more could a guy want?

Or so Ryo’s mind went over today’s events, feeling so blissfully happy that he actually considered not doing his homework for once and preparing a good dinner for his folks when they return. Ryo whistled cheerfully as he opened the villa gate and blinked. Aunt Elena was standing in the pathway, biting her nails and tapping her heel impatiently into the pebbled walk. Ryo walked up to her, the perpetual smile hiding his surprise. He was certain Aunt Elena said she would be in Spain for the holidays. Maybe she came back to greet his father? Maybe (and the hope bloomed in his heart) they were already here?

“Aunt Elena?” Ryo said, the smile fading slightly in the sight of Elena’s harried look. It was difficult to get under Aunt Elena’s skin. She prided herself for being in control even in the worst of situations and keeping a cool head (unlike his father). But she looked almost… distraught.

Aunt Elena glanced at him and the apparent relief filled her face. She ran up to him, “Ryo! Thank God I found you!” She spoke quickly not even pausing for breath and little puffs of air escaped from her mouth.

“I thought you were spending the holidays in Spain?” Ryo’s face creased in confusion, not understanding why Aunt Elena was acting so…odd.

“That’s the least of my worries,” She said grimacing, “Ryo…your parents were in a car accident.”

The perfect day came crashing down to his feet.


“Leo…” Dee turned over to face the youth in question, “You’re shivering. Are you cold?”

It was said so earnestly that Leo restrained his fears and tried to reply calmly, “…A little.” He admitted. Yesterday’s events seem to run in his head again and again. And despite not actually seeing the bloodshed, he couldn’t forget the ringing in his ears. He grimaced and turned away from Dee’s clear-cut green eyes, “Go to sleep. It’s okay.”

There was a pause and Leo felt a strong pair of arms encircle his waist and pulled his closer. Leo felt Dee’s bare chest against his back and that thought was oddly soothing.

“I know you,” Dee said quietly, “I won’t ask you what happened or what you did. Just sleep and don’t think about it, okay?” There was a tiny plea in that sentence.

Leo relaxed and let Dee’s arms tighten around him. He closed his eyes and tried to dream of a normal life. Only Dee and himself in a tiny apartment. Perhaps in the outskirts of the city, he mused. Maybe a garden like the one he had in Italy (1). That’s all he would ever need.

Leo took one of Dee’s hands and kissed his palm softly. That’s all he ever needed. Dee beside him, to tell him the world was a good place and he’d believe him.

But the ringing in his ears never stopped that night.


“Ernie, do you have any idea what you have done!” Bruno said as calmly as he could without blowing his top. His doctors told him it wasn’t good for his health, but even then this…man, Bruno thought with disgust, had just added so many new complications to a bust that was so simple, he sent a nineteen-year old to supervise him. Mentally, he counted to ten and stared down as the man who was cowering in the corner.

“Now the cops are involved!” He barked, calling his thick hands into fists, “How do you plan to deal with them, may I ask?” His tone was so poisonous; vipers would have died from it. And more.

Ernie flinched and was saved from answering when Leo and Dee entered. Dee looked at the man and sneered at him. Pathetic. The way that man groveled at Bruno’s feet. It made him sick sometimes.

Leo stared at the disfigured Ernie Fry and turned to Bruno who was trying to disguise his anger and contempt over the situation, “What happened?”

Bruno kicked Ernie and replied, “Ernie made a mistake,” He spat out.

Leo and Dee winced. They knew all too well what happened when you made a mistake.

“It was the wrong couple,” Bruno continued, still kicking Ernie, “Just some tourists.”

Leo felt his throat catch and he couldn’t seem to force any air in. Dee noticed the deeply etched pain on Leo’s face and squeezed his hand gently. Leo finally closed his eyes and took in gulping breaths of air. When he opened his eyes, the mask was back in place, no chinks in sight. Dee released his hand and turned to face Bruno, “What do you plan to do about it?” He said steadfastly. Bruno didn’t scare him. Bruno raised him. Gave him a home.

But Bruno too had limits and Dee was lucky enough to know exactly where they were, “You two, go and scope out how much the cops know,” He ordered them. Dee ignored the tightening of his muscles. He didn’t enjoy being commanded to do anything, but he had to live with it, “They won’t see any harm in two teenagers.”

Dee nodded and noticing that Leo had gone into his own world, pulled Leo to follow him.

“…I killed them,” Leo muttered, feeling the pain stab him in the back with millions of pointy knives, “I…”

“Did you pull the trigger?” Dee said sharply and Leo shook his head, “Then don’t blame yourself. The blood is not on your hands, understand?” Leo sucked in his retort to that and nodded. Dee felt relief clear his face and noticed that Leo looked a little more relaxed.

“Good,” Dee nodded, “Then we better head down to the hospital.”

Leo nodded once more and Dee put his hand on his shoulder and said, “You don’t have to come.” He said, concern in his voice.

Leo swallowed and a dark pained look infiltrated his chipped blue eyes, “I should. I need to.”

Dee nodded and they left the premises. Leo closed his eyes and couldn’t help thinking.

‘I killed an innocent couple.’


Ryo couldn’t speak. Couldn’t breath, couldn’t protest, couldn’t cry... It was as if a spoon carved itself into his being and hollowed him out like a pumpkin. Elena was always hovering beside him. Probably thinking that if she wandered less than ten feet away from him, he’d jump out the hospital window. Not that the prospect wasn’t tempting, Ryo didn’t feel an overwhelming urge to die. Especially because…his parents disapproved over things like that. And Ryo didn’t want to disobey his parents. Not now, not ever.

What disturbed him the most was the police were also hovering around Aunt Elena and himself. He didn’t want to look weak in front of strangers. He was pretty sure no one would hold it against him if he cried, but it made him uncomfortable to do it in front of strangers, especially the police.

So he sat there, on the purple-striped bench that was the only colourful thing in the bleached hospital. He sat there, his entwined with each other as if in silent prayer. He didn’t want to know the details Aunt Elena and the police were going through. All that made sense was his parents were dead.

What didn’t make sense was how.

From what Aunt Elena told him, they found cocaine in their trunk. Of course, when the police questioned him, he told them obstinately that he had no idea about it and that his parents were innocent. He was met with skeptical looks and that was almost too much to bear.

So he sat on the bench, wallowing in his grief and not being able to meet anyone’s face, preferring to look at the floor. It just engulfed him. It just didn’t seem real. It couldn’t be real. Just three hours ago, he was contemplating his soccer match and school and his parent’s homecoming. Now he was contemplating….well, his thoughts seem bizarre, almost alien.

“Is this seat taken?” A soft and soothing voice said.

Ryo looked up to meet a pair of sharp clear-cut green eyes that rivaled the freshest apple-green. Ryo surveyed the youth. He had messy jet-black locks that draped themselves over his eyes, nearly covering them. His skin was tanned from the Big Apple summers and Ryo could see lean muscles ripple from under his shirt when he moved. The youth looked about the same age as himself and wore a dark coat with a white shirt and loose beige slacks. A pair of dark sunglasses dangled precariously from his pocket.

“So? Can I sit?” The youth prodded, his eyes twinkling. Or was it the bright rays from the tube-light?

Ryo couldn’t stop the small smile that appeared from his face, “Of course.”

The youth sat down, crossing his legs and whistling slightly. Ryo couldn’t help but feel a bit amused at him. Here in a hospital, he was acting as if there was nothing wrong with the world. Kinda out of place, especially today, Ryo thought noticing the grim-faced people that passed by and shot the youth appalled looks.

“So, why are you here?” The youth asked.

Ryo suddenly felt defensive, “…None of your business.” He snapped.

The youth looked startled, but a slow grin appeared, “You’re right. It isn’t. So I’ll ask this instead. What’s your name? Unless you want me to call you, ‘Guy on the bench with depressed look.’”

Ryo couldn’t help it. He laughed and he was pleased to hear it sound completely normal. The youth cocked his eyebrows at him, the smile never leaving his face.

“I’m Randy McLane,” Ryo said, extending his hand.

Dee stared at the proffered hand and shook it, “Pleasure’s mine. The name’s Dee Latyner.”

“So, if it doesn’t sound rude, but why are you here Dee?” Ryo said. The youth doesn’t look like something overly disastrous has happened to him.

Dee jerked his thumb at another youth that stood near the doors of the emergency ward, “See that guy? He’s a friend of mine. He…” Dee bit his lip and tried to make it sound convincing as possible, “…just lost someone recently.”

“Oh,” And Ryo could feel his spirits sinking back down to Earth, “I understand how he feels.” He said sadly, “I—,”

Dee waved his hand in the air, “If you don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to hear it,” He said casually, “You probably should give yourself time before spilling. When you feel you’re up to it.”

Ryo blinked, finding it very uncharacteristic to hear a piece of advice from a complete stranger. But that advice soothed his tense nerves, “You’re right,” Ryo said, a sad smile on his lips, “I’ll wait until I’m ready.”

Dee was taken aback by the sincerity of that smile. Even Leo never truly smiled like that when he was with Dee. He observed Ryo for a minute and couldn’t help but feel the youth was special. Something that needs to be treasured. Dee shook his head and got up. Ryo looked at him quizzically. Dee ignored the gaping pit in his stomach. He had a bad feeling about this and he wasn’t even present during the bust!

“I should get going,” Dee said slowly, shoving his hands into his pockets, “He’s probably waiting for me.”

“Okay,” Ryo felt a little disheartened, but ignored it. You just met him! Ryo berated himself, “I’ll see you later?” That felt odd and Ryo didn’t know why he said that. He probably would never see Dee again. It was a somber thought.

Dee smirked and to Ryo’s surprise, kissed his cheek.

“See you around,” Dee said winking, and walked towards Leo was. Ryo said nothing, placing a hand over his cheek, his face red. Then he smiled.

Leo couldn’t help feeling slightly jealous, but it made the youth smile and Leo felt glad that the teen could do that. After all, Leo took away everything from him.

“He’ll be all right?” Leo murmured to Dee. Dee glanced at the teen, something churning in his placid eyes.

“He’ll be all right,” Dee said, smiling softly, “Who knows? That kid’s got some spirit in him. And I have a feeling I’ll see him again,” He said wistfully.

“Let’s hope it’s a good encounter,” Leo said sarcastically, but already his worries were evaporating in the face of Dee’s good mood. Things seem to be looking up already.

“Hm,” And Dee slung an arm over Leo’s shoulders and they walked away from the hospital, not knowing the skein of prophecy had already weaved out their fate.

A/N: (1) Bruno is the Italian Mafia boss. I’m not too sure what Leo’s origins are, but I think he was from Italy also because that’s where Bruno got him.

No Alicia interaction (I’m not too fond of her, but I really should her….) and finally, some good old Dee/Ryo! Leo is jealous!

The next chapter would probably be when Ryo is a cop and joins the 27th Precinct. As for Dee? Wait and see.

Reviews are my love letters and I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.

Love me, love me, say that you love me...

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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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