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What Timmy learnt from the doctor today

Social Anxiety Disorder

If you have social anxiety disorder, you often get very nervous around other people. It feels like everything is watching you and judging you. You're afraid of making a mistake or looking like a fool. You'll do anything to keep that from happening. Youo might avoid certain people, places, or social events.

Ladies and gentlemen, my life.
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    My parents have been back for what, a day? And they have succeeded in making me feel terrible. Now everything is making me feel terrible.

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    So! No new Dune movie from Hollywood. Symbionic Titan was cancelled And Dianne Wynne Jones died. I think this is what you call a terrible week.

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    So like today I found a bird at work! I think it was hurt badly and I had no idea what to do! So I called one of the cleaners and asked him to maybe,…

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