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I'm surprised I didn't blow my top at Angy today.

I'm surprised she still acts like a ten-year old and she's graduating. Her view of the world is so...limited. She can't see past the edges. She thinks she's cynical, but she's very naive.

Today, we had an Easter assembly. And when the end was coming, she said 'Stupid preachers'.

Now, I'm Christian by birthright and despite the fact my parents don't really care what I thought about religion doens't really matter. She shouldn't diss it like that. Even though we were all pretty annoyed with assemblies, does not mean we go and diss the religion.

It gave me a glimpse on how idiotic she can act over the simplest of things.

She needs to learn patience. If she doesn't learn that soon, she's going to find the real world a very harsh place.

Also, I'm Christian. Doesn't she realize she's insulting my religion? I happen to find some peace in Christianity that other religions don't give me and I never diss it, despite my views and upbringing.

Growing up is hard and I grew up a long time ago. But she needs to do it soon.

...Or maybe it's just me. I have been rather stressed lately and finding it hard to concentrate in class. I have a therapy session scheduled today with one of the concilors. And I'm snapping at her more, but I feel that...even though she apologixed for the incident some time back, I can't let her back in so easily. Some of my old fears have returned and I can't help, but avoid her because I don't want to let myself back in.

And I won't. I don't need to rely on anyone but myself. I'm going to stay that way. Friendship is overrated and has given me enough pain for several lifetimes. I don't need friends. And they certainly don't need me.


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