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Fandom - Gundam 00
Pairing - Billy x Sumeragi
Summary - "He always stayed, she always left first"

It was a routine that he had clocked. She would come, dressed so casually that she stood out from the crowd, her hair properly unkempt and untidy with its curls. He would pull up a chair, but she would be quicker and draw her own chair. She would lean against the table, her hand against her cheek like a thinker, her eyes bright against the candlelight. He would talk about old days and they would slip under each other voices like blankets. Sometimes he would try and brush against her hand like a caress. Sometimes she let him, sometimes she left. And she always left first.

He always wondered at which point she would stop coming and leave him there with the empty chair.

She never did, but he knew she would one day. And when that time came, he would wish he had said more.

But she's here, right across him, lights in her face and he says nothing at all.

Fandom - CFUD
Pairing - None. Masayuki + Makoto + Yuta gen
Summary - "Makoto thinks too little"

Makoto doesn't brood over people. Nor does he notice the little things people do for him. He does notice that Yuta tugs on his arm a lot and he lets him. If he delved deeper, there would be a reason for letting him do this. But Makoto doesn't think.

So, when he's sitting on a table with Masayuki and Yuta across from him, arguing over pokemon and food, Makoto doesn't let it concern him. But he watches as Masayuki playfully cuffs Yuta's cheek and Yuta retaliates by stealing a bit of his food, his lips twitch a little.

But he doesn't notice.

Fandom - Godchild
Pairing - Crehador x Sheila
Summary - "And he lets her break him a little. He's paying that much"

It's all about the money, his money's worth. Why else would she be here? What other reason did she have to stay? So he lets her fingers smooth over his shoulders, white and pale. He thinks of them as ghostly hands and he stops thinking. She wraps herself around him, like a cocoon and he lets himself believe that she's staying for him, she's protecting him from the world as her breath drifts into his ear like a familiar whisper.

But then she says, "My lord Crehador" and the dream rips like curtains.

His fists clench the blankets and he buries his face in her shoulder. She was all of money.

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The first one broke my heart, if a little. That was delicately and beautifully put! I utterly loved the Godchild piece, as well.

Trying to match icons here o/
God, I would be happy if they got their happy ending NOW THAT THEY SANK MY GRAHAM/BILLY SHIP...I think.
I actually felt a little sorry for Crehador xP Man, I really need to get back into Godchild.

Excellent writing as per usual =D
I LOVE CREHADOR/SHEILA OKAY. screw you fandom. One of my favourite scenes is when he waves the money in her face and she slaps it away and says, "It seems your communication abilities only lie with the deceased".

._. I love them so much ♥♥♥♥