water seeping

"save me from drowning in the sea/beat me up on the beach"

Tomorrow is the last day of classes.

And I still can't get out of my room without feeling like I'm going to drown.

On the other hand, I spoke to Jeeta today and that helped so much. Goddamn my phone battery for dying.

I feel restless with myself.

EDIT - Then I got an image of Alice being like a rabbit Godzilla and rampaging throughout camp for food, holding Ann Darrow Oz in her hand while Gil flailed a lot, trying to save Oz and do damage control at the same time. Vincent was a dastardly reporter spreading lies about Alice-zilla and how terrible she was (he didn't make up much) and Sharon and Break just sat around having tea.

I love my subconscious.
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Oh good, she has said she was going to call you.

I'm not Jeeta, but I have Skype, a working internet conection, a cell phone and an actual phone of the fixed variety in this dorm room (I assume you see where this is going) if you ever want to talk. In terms of timezones we're pretty far apart, but I don't know what times you're awake these days anyway.

Check your email, I'll send you my contacts.

Aiyah. Here's to hoping you're not sad and cold at the moment.
She did! And after half an hour or so, my battery died. Sigh.

I'm not sad or/and cold. I'm just a little frustrated with myself and this whole situation. But things are looking up!