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That meme all the cool kids are doing.  (watch me take forever to REMEMBER all of my fandoms guys)

- post a list of 16 fandoms.
- have your friends list guess your favorite character from each one.
- when guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character.

  1. Gensomaden Saiyuki (guessed by piecrumbs) Homura really clicked for me when he showed up in Gensomaden and the last episode of Saiyuki will never stop making me cry.
  2. Phoenix  Wright
  3. Golden Sun
  4. Cowboy Bebop (guessed by vianusmiho) I will always, always, always love Vicious. YES I KNOW MAIN VILLAIN TOTALLY CRAZY GOD DID HE JUST DO THAT I don't really want to redeem him, but I always loved him. Irrationally.
  5. Trigun (guessed by vianusmiho) How can one not love Wolfwood? The guy was charming, sarcastic, lovable. Who didn't cry for him is probably the better question.
  6. Shamaniac Princess
  7. Legion of Super Heroes
  8. Justice League Unlimited
  9. Utena
  10. D.Grayman (guessed by piecrumbs) He had me at the phonecall with Kanda in volume 2. |D I just adored his crazy inventing genius.
  11. Code Geass (guessed by upper_flowers) I loved Euphie the day she slapped that guy in episode 3. And I loved her more when she was badass enough to say she loves suzaku over the comm. ;; euphieeeeeeeee
  12. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanit...you get the the picture
  13. Darker than Black
  14. Tactics (guessed by vianusmiho) I adore Kantarou and his scheming ways. He's like Oz senior |D
  15. Hotel Dusk (guessed by vianusmiho) Oh Kyle Hyde. Such a gumshoe, so bitter against women but so weak for little kids. And his gay gay love afffair for his partner will always be a cornerstone for me.
  16. Count Cain
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Hakkai, Allen, Juri...

....where did you get it. 12. I WANT. I GOT FIRST EP. WANT MORE.
n,n,n! |D

Uh, shinsen subs had all of it up on torrent, so I just torrented it one day. LOEV.
# Phoenix Wright - Phoenix? Or Edgeworth.
# Cowboy Bebop - Spike
# Trigun - Vash or Wolfwood.
# Utena - Utena
# Code Geass - Lulu
# Darker than Black - Hei
# Tactics - Kantarou
# Hotel Dusk - Kyle
# Count Cain - Cain

And um Brainiac for 7? I really don't know that one actually.