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Your mission is this: you give me a pairing (or multiple pairings, if you are feeling particularly generous). I, in meme-like fashion, will respond to you using at least 100 words. In all likelihood, it will be more than 100 words. It can be something I've rambled about before (because my feelings aren't static), it can be something you're honestly curious about my feelings on, it can be something you know I LOATHE LIKE NOTHING ELSE (…I honestly can't think of a pairing I absolutely hate off the top of my head but. you know. YOU MAY KNOW BETTER THAN ME.)

I will beg. I really want to write tons and tons about PAIRINGS and MY THOUGHTS ON YAOI (and yuri and het).


Also guys, I'm going to stay far, far away from anon memes. Please note I love you all, I don't have to be anon to prove it.
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Pick a Slayers pairing :o!
OKAY So one of the main reasons I really really adore this pairing is because they work so well together, on an almost instinctive level that we've only seen so far with Piper. Aerrow also doesn't simply look up to her, he also regards her as an equal and it's pretty clear she feels the same (considering the way she put emphasis on his help in episode eight). I can totally imagine these two going off on dangerous solo missions together and being an awesome team because they have that solid trust and understanding between them of what must be done.

SO LIKE AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO SHIPPED RACE/BENTON? Because I could never find it anywhere. :( I always loved Jonny/Jessie (in the Real Adventures) and I also really enjoyed the Hadji/Jessie dynamic. (Clearly the way to go is to make them a happy OT3). But mostly, I would say that J-Jonny/Hadji is my secret OTP of the show and I loved their solo adventures of Hadji spouting off some adage and Jonny being throughly exasperated, but still listening to Hadji. I-I want more antics about how they grew up together.
I THINK EVERYONE SHIPS RACE/BENTON but then no one writes it because they are old and stuff :(

...also Jonny/Hadji growing up antics yes A++

...Now I want to write retarded kid antics damn yooooooou.
G-God there was one episode of RAJQ (which might not be a real abbreviation but IT IS NOW) where Jonny made a big deal about that and then Race was like "Call me RACER Jonny" and they were kind of gay for each other and I was sad.

...that was your idea also do it 8D
NO SECRET that I love Oz/Alice and Oz/Gil and the OT3. But I also shamelessly plug Jack/Oz and Vincent/Oz. I admit my bias o/ BUT REALLY it's hard to have favourites in Pandora Hearts because I love all the dynamics a lot. They're all unique and different in their own way and I like exploring all of them. I won't deny, I would love to see Alice/Echo or Sharon/Echo. Remus/Break, Sharon/Break are a few of my favourites too. I tend to be pickier with Gil pairings because I have a harder time imagining them without an Oz angle to them.
Pandora Hearts: Raven(Gil) x Oz
I'm sure they'll find an excellent use for that hat...
...omg I didn't know you read this manga. XDDD

Okay, I'm linking my essay about Oz and Gil. BUT MOSTLY I summed it up today when I was talking to Sharon-mun that they're both hopeless. Oz and Gil are selfish with each other and yet selfless for each other. In the sense that they are quite free and relaxed because there is that strong element of trust, love and need between them. At the same time, because they place the other foremost in their mind, they don't think about their loyalty to each other is (could be) the next step to something more.

BASICALLY, they care for each other, but it'll take a while for them to ever get a clue.