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Going to visit my cousin and his family is actually more therapeutic than I thought.

Also, I should learn how to read. M-Man. I leave Vancouver on the 1st of May instead of the 2nd. GG ME. (at 1 am no less ow night flights)
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That's one of the reasons. I stop at Hong Kong anyway for a few hours before heading home.
I actually prefer aisle seats for long flights because I can get up easily at any time.

the pretty

it's not like looking at stars from the ground at all, you're looking out across a starfield instead of looking up, and it's so much clearer cos all that damn air isn't in the way and if you let your eyes adjust you can see so many stars and and I even saw a shooting star that one time

Well, nothing beats the time I was in Dubai and we saw the entire sky of stars spread out before us.