water seeping

he does me proud, that boy

My cousin is adorable.

Cousin: I want to see Iron Man
Me: ugh
Cousin: What's wrong?
Me: Uh. He...uh...
Cousin: ?
Me: [explains bits of Civil War]
Cousin: I don't like him anymore.
Me: 8D

Man, I still feel tired and I need to pack [insert procrastination here].
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Things Tony Stark will drink to.

A) Everything.
B) Everything.
C) Everything.
D) All of the above
Tony Stark, the guy from Iron Man is universally hated for his dickish ways in comics.

I simply pointed my cousin to the knowledge |D.
....Your cousin is amazing.

And I do want to see it, mainly because of my thesis, since Tony's one of the best examples of an immoral superhero since movie!Beowulf XD

oooh, is that so? I'm sure the movie is great, it's just that ugh, Tony Stark rubs me the wrong way.
I hear ya. I was really peeved with how he was handled during Civil War. And thesis, I WILL EMAIL YOU ABOUT IT :D
Whatever! The doucheocity is the reason to see the movie. If I liked Tony Stark, I probably wouldn't be as stoked for it. But man, he's such a jerkface mcgee. I have to see this.