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oh biz.

Sasuke> man I am so cool
Speed^Racer> XD totally smooth, Biz
Sasuke> smooth as silk
Speed^Racer> smooth as butter
Sasuke> smooth as the bottom of an uke pinned under a rapist-- wait.
Speed^Racer> smooth like Racer X who is not Speed's older brother who ran away from home years ago to become an international secret agent secretly
Sasuke> smooth like Racer X's douche punch.
Speed^Racer> smooth like Mom's pancakes
Sasuke> smooth like Mom's panties -- oh wait again
Speed^Racer> smooth like Spritle's solid snake skills
Sasuke> Smooth like Biz going to bed when she has class in six hours.
Speed^Racer> that's very smooth Biz. Now go to bed and get some sleep
Tags: cfud: we have zombies, go speed racer gooooooooo, hee, zeeeeeeeeeeen

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