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I am needlessly annoyed with my father because his secretary told him Speed Racer was a bad movie.

I'll go fume for a while.

I admit to having a bias, but guys. It really is that good, childhood or not. I mean, WHY WOULD I LIE ABOUT IT.
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Why are you upset with your father when it was his secretary?
No, even from an objective view (and I can confidently say these things because I've studied film and film techniques and so on so forth), they really outdid themselves for Speed Racer.
Oooh, interesting. I think I needta drag my friends to see the movie cuz I've been wanting to since I heard they were making it.
Yesssssssss tell them they won't regret it

(also if they are closet slash fans, then they DEFINITELY won't regret it)


(Oh, they are not closeted at all about liking slash, they're the ones trying to get ME into liking slash. XDDD And dear goodness, they were giggling throughout the whole movie, it was hilarious. ♥)

....I may have watched the first eleven episodes of Speed Racer on a tiny screen in a moving car for about eight hours today.

I am in love.

EDIT: Also, my head is spinning. Just saying.

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