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Number of times I've watched Speed Racer in the theatre - 3
Number of times I've watched it at home - 2
Number of times I've listened to the credits song - over 50
Number of times I check the comm for stuff in a day - 6
Number of times I've fallen asleep listening to the soundtrack on repeat - 2
Number of times I cried - 10
Number of times I'm driving everyone around me crazy - YOU BE THE JUDGE
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The dedication to your love is an awesome and somewhat boggling thing.
Well, I'd pay good money to watch a My Little Pony movie, even if it was dated and so amazingly...80s.

...although it would be pretty cool for them to make it currently relevant too.

.....and now I'm having plotbunnies of dark!epic!MLP stories complete with girllove pairings

wait what did i just do
I WISH I could watch Speed Racer in the theaters 3 times...but stupid exams are making sure I can't =_=

And I'm pretty sure the number of times I've listened to the credits song is equal to yours xD
Exams are more important at the moment, though. XD

hahahah (pee ess work on your app so I can RP with yooooou)