water seeping

what a lovely holiday~

So like I'm having CFUD app dreams again. sob. This is baaaaaaaaaad for me.

Other than that, life has been fairly complacent lately! Trying to keep up with springkink and finishing other works. Also might get a job in a bookstore. Read Temeraire and loved it. Adorable dragon and captain is adorable. It reminds me a lot of Dragon Riders of Pern with less politics and more dorky dragons.

A general shout-out to flist. I love you all. How the hell do you put up with me? XD

PS - Also everyone watch this video. If you watch this and do not fall in love with adorable brother interaction, I have the right to say YOU HAVE NO HEART.
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Cause I only get one day to myself a week and it's only being shown at one theatre in town?
*cries tears of joy* I missed 5 of those 7 minutes due to bad traffic. Chibi!Speed is adorable. Rex is adorable. Their love for each other is adorable. Heck, EVERYTHING about this movie is just squeal-inducing xD

And yes, am working on app :O Almost..done...with...school..nnnngh!!
I'm glad you managed to catch it now then! youtube my saviour. I love the brothers SO HARD they're such woobies.