water seeping

mehmehmehmehmeeeeeeeeeh this is a song I'm sure

  • I'm feeling rather exhausted for no real reason. At least I get a five day break from springkink
  • Revamping Oz's icons...slowly. . The only problem is backgrounds since I can't find one that suits him well enough yet.
  • Finished Season 2 of Doctor Who! I am...oddly weirded out. (I get that it was an emotional break-up of sorts, but the sheer intensity of it really made me wonder if it was necessary).
  • Want Retrace 25 already sob.
  • I've been very bad RP-wise, not picking up threads, being slow etc etc. I feel like I'm letting everyone down and it's making me feel down-ish too.
  • Only my dad can talk about men's menstrual cycles during lunch and not think it odd.
You're never going to let people down as badly as I do re: RP'ing. s-sob.

THAT SAID Oz's icons are adorable. ♥ I need to redo Alice's too, as soon as I like. . . renew her account.
YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN BEFORE and I'm reaching high levels of failage with six characters.

I'm liking the set so far, but the lack of background colour makes me wonder if I should have it or not. And Alice's icons are fantastic ♥
I am reaching high levels of failage with four. . . and give me two rounds, I may have six too.

Hmmm. . . maybe just a background on the icons where it fits? B-but I can do so much more with Alice's ;o;
If I get ten, I will mocked throughout the ages.

I think that day is coming upon me sooner than I thought. Hmmm, I don't know whether to stick with one colour of not.
When I app again, it will be obvious and people will laugh moar.

I'd saaaaay again whatever looks best \o/ Icons are flexible for whatever looks good. I know I vary stuff depending on "o guess that doesn't work for that icon"
Well, I apped Speed. That was pretty damn obvious.

Yeah, I'll play and play around a bit.
Well. Think of it this way. No one has called you "married" yet?

Thanks for the offer hon ♥
I kind of. . . liked the old ones more. [hides]

And, shush, on RP business. You'll be back in full force when you're ready. Use the down time wisely.
I love the old ones too, but I had this icon itch. XD

I still feel pretty terrible about the way I'm carrying on.
I can understand. I play with a lot of mine, just never re-do them.

Mmm, but it'd be better to come back stronger rather than half-heartedly drag yourself back because you're more likely to wander off again sooner? Do you get that?

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Well, we'll see on how well this set looks.

Yeah. That's true. Maybe I'll just focus on apps and whatnot for now.

Oz's icons are pretty, but in the first one his skin looks really yellow. Like. The Simpson's yellow.