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Thoughts on Lord of the Rings movies. Humour me.

  • Pippin's song still destroys my heart. All shall fade...
  • I don't know why but LoTR fandom makes me twitchy. I think it stems from the whole infatuation with ships and slash. LoTR is one of those rare, rare fandoms for me that canon is perfect in my mind and I wouldn't change that for anything.
  • That being said, Legolas/Gimli ftw. FTW.
  • God, the extended scenes just make the cast shine. The little interactions! Legolas getting drunk! Aragorn hating Eowyn's cooking! Aragorn and Eowyn discussing how old he is! (87 by the way) Merry and Pippin smoking and trying to have height contests. I love them.
  • Oh Gollum. How can you be so adorable and so terrible at the same time? IT BOGGLES ME.
  • Shelob creeps me out SO MUCH.
  • Did I mention how much win Eowyn is? SHE IS SO MUCH WIN.
  • Faramir/Eowyn OTPPPPPPPPPPPPP.
  • I know that fandom (and the cast themselves!) make fun about how gay Sam and Frodo are. But I cannot ship it. I can love it with all my heart and being because they need each other so much and have been through so much together. To me, it'll never be the kind of romance I or anyone could write, but the romance that lay in the books themselves, a sort of deep love that transcends everything.
  • I love Pippin and Merry so much. They are so adorable.
  • For everything that Frodo's been through, I still believe in my heart of hearts that Samwise Gamgee was the true hero of LotR. HIP HIP HORAY FOR SAM
  • Faramir needs to stop making me wibble. I WILL DIE FOR YOU FATHER (tear)
  • Denethor is a bastard and I love that Gandalf never stops beating him with a stick.
  • Legolas is such a Mary-Sue
  • HOLY FALLING SKULLS BATMAN! Indiana Jones never went through that
  • The ending for LoTR kinda drags (the movie is looooooooong guys), but the Grey Havens still remains so utterly perfect.
I  nearly got my throat ripped out by a dog, borrowed some new comics to read and I cried a great deal in the morning. Life...is getting somewhere, I suppose.
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I nearly got my throat ripped out by a dog

AUGH GOD YES word to like, everything you said. Periodically I just. spend a weekend watching all three extended editions so I can bask~~~~

Home is behind, the world ahead...
That's what I did with a friend of mine. Hopefully, the next time I watch it, I'll put on the cast commentaries. But really, the extended editions are so fantastic I can't imagine not owning them. YOU MISS YOU SO MUCH.
Trufax, Return of the King makes me cry every time I watch it. IT'S JUST THAT BEAUTIFUL.
[drive-by loving on]

[goes back to getting her ass kicked by Flash]

[comes back and loves on some more]
... c-cousin, don't just off-handedly mention almost getting mawed by a dog. :<

*pets and cuddles*
Legolas is such a Mary-Sue

IT'S SO TRUE but damn if he's not a pretty Mary-sue :( Sob sob my weakness for blondes with pointy ears orzzzz
If all else fails Timmy, just become a film critic. You'll make lots of money, they'll publish books of your reviews and thoughts. Half the time I have no idea what canon you're referring to and I'm entertained. XD

Fully agree on all points. Except the Legolas/Gimli IF it was meant in slash as opposed to joke slash because they act like an old married couple, but they're just best friends. It isn't just the extended scenes, it's all of the cast footage of them being dorky and adorable and family-like. (HA! Ian McKellen and the music loving hobbits having to share a trailer)

By the way, I should come play Wii and we should watch LoTR again, with actor commentaries. Did we watch those before with Han? I cannot remember... After I clean the house, of course.
We didn't watch the commentaries, actually! Just the easter eggs and the principle photography.

I don't think of it as slash. I think of it as them being married and gay together.

Actually...I thought of that. My dad thinks I would do well reviewing films.