water seeping


I keep having dreams where I'm doing stuff and things happen and so on so forth.

But I'm blind. All faces seem to be shrouded and I can't see who they are.

And this is terrifying me.

I'm supposed to be getting better, not getting worse damnit damnit damnit.
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It's so weird and disconcerting because I keep going blind and lost and everyone is there but I don't know them and.

I'm supposed to be getting better.
I know, but it can't be all better all at once. Relapses will happen like this sometimes.

I really don't know what to say other than chin up and find a way to relieve some of the anxiety for the moment.
Oh wow, that does sound terrifying. I have a blindness phobia myself... if you ever want to talk, I'm around.

It's not blindness so much than it's everyone's faces are shadowed and I can only look at the ground.

I sometimes wonder if it's fortunate or unfortunate that I never remember my dreams and nightmares. And m'so sorry, those sound horrible. And ditto what upper_flowers.