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I got Saiyuki!!!! I'm a happy fangirl I am! Very happy fangirl!!! ^____^ See my happy smile!!!

BB cast: O__O;; She's lost it!

Aren't I a happy fangirl?!! I'M A HAPPY FANGIRL DAMNIT!!!

Tyson: *shrinks in fear* Ummm...Timmy, are you..okay?

Kai: What kinda question is that? She's mental? She' finally lost every bit of sanity!

Rei: Isn't that taking it a little too far?

Kai: Maybe, but authors are never sane. They like crossdressing people.

Max: But Timmy's never made us crossdress.

Kai: *mutters* There's always a first time.

And after re-entering the Beyblade fanfiction area, my tiny one-shot got ten review. O_O;;; In one day!!!

Honestly, I was in shock. I was expecting aroudn three or something....

Tyson: *looks at it* So even after not visiting this section for god-only-knows how long, you still come on top don't you?

Well, there were some new reviewers...and some old ones....

Kai: New blood huh? I noticed that the TyKa movement has grown quite considerably.

Tyson: Yeah, there were at least five TyKa stories on one page. Glay must have been proud.


Max: So, what's this?

A Yu-Gi-Oh story I'm not sure how to conclude....

Kai: *impatient* Well, put it up!

...Slave driver...

Another End to Another Story
By Timberwolf220

He knew what he had to do for today. Check the stock market when he woke up, make sure Mokuba is ready for school (they had servants to do that, but Seto made it his personal habit to do it himself), then get Leon, his secretary to make sure all his affairs and meetings for the day were settled. Then head down to school himself.

School was not a duty or something he necessarily needed to do. After all, he was a multibillionaire at the tender age of seventeen. School was for the struggling youths who wanted more than a silly dream of money and love.

But albeit, school has become one of the few places where he can slip into a phase of contentment and almost (at least as close as it can get) happiness. When he went to work, his mental abilities were stretched so thin it’s a wonder he hadn’t reported to the hospital for a case of burnout.

No, school (and should any student hear this would swoon from sheer shock) was his haven. He wasn’t in control but he exuded his aura to intimidate the right people and get some blessed privacy.

“Hey Kaiba!”

Alas, sometimes not always the right people stayed away unfortunately.

Sitting down next to him was Ryou, Jounouchi, Yuugi, Anzu and of course Malik and Honda. And yes, Seto Kaiba did know all their names. He actually bothered to learn them.

He scowled, “Don’t you simpletons have somewhere else to be?”

The reaction was amusing to say the least. Ryou and Malik snickered, Anzu gave him a withering glare, Honda was dazed, Jounouchi was still wondering where they were supposed to be and Yuugi hid his chuckles behind his hand, his violet eyes twinkling.

“We saw you sitting by yourself Kaiba,” Yuugi said finally, the smile reaching his eyes, “We thought you could use some company.”

“Some company probably,” Seto Kaiba drawled, “But not yours.”

Jounouchi would have snapped at him for that retort if it hadn’t been for Malik and Ryou’s intervention.

“Awww, you don’t appreciate our company Kaiba?” Malik laid a hand on his chest, a dramatic flare in his voice, “I’m hurt, truly I am!”

“And I would care why?” Seto snarled.

“Because believe or not Kaiba,” And here Jounouchi grimaced, “We care about your…well-being.”

“I find that hard to believe especially coming from you,” Seto said, watching a red blush colour the tips of Jounouchi’s ears.

“Well, it’s true,” Anzu said gracefully, “We’re not enemies you know.”

“Really?” Seto layered his voice with honey. Anzu’s cobalt blue seemed to darken and she nearly snarled. But it wouldn’t be ladylike now, would it?

“Really.” Yuugi said firmly, banishing all of Kaiba’s hopes of getting rid of them. Rats! Now he was stuck with them.


Lunchtime is a peaceful affair. IF you do not get embroiled in a food fight, or somehow aggravate the school’s designated bully or you—

Well, you get the picture.

And Seto was right in the middle of it. Joy.

Someone up there just didn’t want him to enjoy his spare time.

So he spent the time observing Yugi and his friends.

Yugi was certainly worthy of being called ‘enigmatic’. He smiles often, but only in admonishment, like a parent sees a child making a mistake or sometimes just pleasant. Seto snorted. Had that Pharaoh made Yugi like himself? Always hiding away in the shadows? It made sense on a basic level, but the Pharaoh genuinely cared for Yugi, so that idea was improbable.

What about the girl with brown hair? Anzu or what-ever-her-name-is. What was she like? She seemed very happy, the sunlight catching her eyes. There was a burning light, one which he had once seen on someone else, but he couldn’t remember. It nagged him that he didn’t remember.

And there was Malik, the once-tormented insane character that left a mark on all of them. Considering it was his darker half that caused him to do the awful things he did was the only reason Kaiba wasn’t wringing his neck right now for kidnapping Mokuba. The wheat-blonde hair clung onto the nape of his neck and his violet irises remained the same somber he remembered them to be. Occasionally, they would glint at the prospect of a prank, but they stayed the same.

And Bakura. If you must compare, he was a mirror of Yugi. Quiet, complacent, the pain in his eyes never truly showing. He didn’t know exactly what happened between Bakura and his Yami, but a part of Bakura died when that fateful game of dice took place and he sacrificed a part of his soul…and his Yami as well. It was an ache the younger boy rarely forgot and sometimes it was too strong for him to even remember. Seto wondered if he would ever understand what the boy went through. And if he did, what then? Bakura smiled at one of Malik’s jokes, the brown eyes somber as always.

Tristan was a loyal person to a fault, Seto noted with some irritation, noticing the boy never quite trailed too far away from Jounouchi. He wondered how deep their friendship ran, how it began. It seemed too strong to call them ‘best friends’. They seemed so far beyond that. He smiled at Malik’s joke, his eyes never straying away from his best friends.

And there was Jounouchi. Such a simple person, the kind you would meet on the street and forget the minute they left. He left no personal mark on people like Yugi, Bakura and even Malik. He was forgettable with his normal blonde hair and brown eyes. It was so very commonplace and ordinary. Seto wondered what Jounouchi’s great role was in this group. He held no special glitter or sparkle in his personality, no distinguishable feature that made him stand out. So then, what did Jounouchi aim in life?

Perhaps it was protection of Yugi? Seto had never missed the special attention they showered over each other. The fact that Tristan was never jealous of their unusual, yet equally strong bond they had. And the emphasis the Pharaoh himself placed on Jounouchi.

It was Jounouchi who convinced Anzu the reason of Atem’s leaving. It was Jounouchi who urged Atem forward, encouraging him. And it was Jounouchi who was the last to cry when Atem passed through the great stone doors.

The passing of the Pharaoh was strong and deep in everyone’s hearts, probably the deepest in Yugi’s heart, Yugi who won the ceremonial duel and let fate dictate the Pharaoh’s legacy. The outcome was the most painful for him, yet he had the strength to do it. Unlike Bakura and Malik who had vengeful Yamis, bent on destruction of a world that denied them everything, Atem was a caring and almost gentle Yami who cared deeply for Yugi.

And these people…Seto thought quietly, you will find nowhere else.

Tyson: How odd. There were no pairings involved.

I know. I think I messed it up.

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    You know you have a good job when you spend hours talking to your boss about Lord of the Rings. I have a good job. Just wished it paid more though.

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