Hi, I'm going to sleep now, call or email (or just tell Jeeta and she'll pass it on) if you have specific plans, otherwise I'll plan to come over about 12 tomorrow, but I think I'll need your address again. My cell phone isn't working yet.
Your Zelda icons are so purdy! I shoulda asked you to make some for me when I played Link. XDb

In the beta post offers, I saw somebody wanting to app Ganondorf. Does that cheer you up? There's a Ganondorf apper and a Bowser apper, and that cheers me up immensely.
To be fair, i just recently found my manga and learnt how to do overlays and stuff. You're welcome to snag some if you like!
My question of the day: Just what redeeming value would a FAT WHITE MAN think he has with an alien? I shudder to think what an alien's "type" is. Sob.