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I love playing Shawn.

Shawn - So, like, if you read the thread linked above, Shawn has revealed something very interesting about himself. A) he has become somewhat more than simply attached to Kuroyan B) things that Kuroyan says actually begin to affect Shawn.

But why is that?

Shawn is a character who doesn't get attached. He becomes a detective because it's fun. He makes gay comments because it's fun. Every action he ever does is for his own amusement and benefit and like hell he actually cares what anyone thinks of it. Guilting, helping people, being nice, they have no real consequence on Shawn, he'll shrug you off if you do/don't do what he says. As a result, Shawn in camp has very few real relationships. So what changed between Kuroyan and Shawn? Well, a while back, they had a fight (kinda) about Kuroyan's lack of interests and when Kuroyanagi said, "Why should I care what you think?" Shawn stepped back. He was actually hurt. He never actually cared what Kuroyan thought, but the revelation kinda hit him. He was starting to care. Now, things got complicated and Shawn hates complications. So what does he do?

He makes things more complicated. Well, for Kuroyan. For him, he's just rolling with the revelation, even when it's going to bite him back hard.

Aerrow - lol. So I HAVE A DARK ACE (eeeeeeeeeeeee). BIG NEWS FOR AERROW. Why? Having an actual enemy in camp (his rival/greatest desire/etc etc).

But he's your enemy, why do think it's a good thing Timmy?!?!

Aerrow is a do-gooder. He's a knight, he plays by the rules, he protects camp, etc. But camp itself destroys these reasons. There's no one to protect because almost everyone is more powerful than him and there are moogles. His reason (for existence) feels almost meaningless in camp, making him restless and sulky (and making it harder for me to play him too lol). But with the Dark Ace here, that reason returns to him because the Dark Ace is his enemy and only his to defeat. The Dark Ace is evil, the Dark Ace is a threat, the Dark Ace is Aerrow's rival, all truths to Aerrow that solidify his position in camp. SO BASICALLY, more enemies should come to camp to harass Aerrow.

I'll do the others later.
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