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I need something to do. Or at least, pass the time while this annoying depression stops beating me in the head

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It was painful for her. She lingered in between, shadow and ghost, as she waited in her tower. They had different strengths, ones that vary so much it seemed unbalanced.

She folded her laps on her lap and waited for the rescue. And then maybe, when all is done and buried, she will be the one who will rescue him.
"So are you sure this is safe I don't think it's such a good idea," Speed said hesitantly, balancing the screwdriver in his hand.

Jonny blinked at him and gave him a frown, "I thought you wanted to know who Racer X is, right?"

"Yes but this is---,"

"And he won't tell you at all if you asked, right?"

"But there was this one time---,"

"So, this is the only way, right?"

"I think so yet--,"

Jonny clapped him on the shoulder, shaking Speed from his overrun sentences and said, "Trust me. Best way to find a guy's secret identity is to ambush him at the shower."

The look Speed gave him was not the most confident one, but Jonny couldn't care less.
Kantarou's editor lady whose name I forget/Yoko

Alternately, the use of Junko's facial horn.
Reiko had always been welcome to Kantarou's house. Even when he seeped away into his adventures, totting his new assistant with him, Reiko with Youko patiently waited. They never really spoke much, the loneliness at being left behind eating away at their words. But on other days, Reiko reaches out to place her hand on top of Youko's.

And it was fine.
Must things always be so silent? In the dark, she sees very little. His back is facing her and it seemed so cold and stoic that she shuddered.

Was this how it was supposed to be?

But he shifts slightly and turns to face her, his dark ace simmering like its own lifelight. And the silence melts away and she is content.
Aerrow expected many things from Shiba. He knew that the man was clever, that he was dangerous in his own right and he was cheerful and pleasant to be around.

But sometimes, Shiba unnerved him.

"What's this?" Aerrow said, leafing through some new books Shiba had purchased at the last Terra.

"I thought we need some new reading material around here~" Shiba said happily, dumping the pile of books in the middle of Aerrow's room, "Here, you should start with this~"

"...The Master and Servant Trilogy: Chained Hearts?"

Shiba chuckles, "I rather like that one."

"Uh, but how is it good for anything?" Aerrow said quizzically, scratching his head, "It's not like it'll help in battle or---,"

Shiba leaned over and kissed him. When they broke apart, Aerrow was wide-eyed and panting.

"There's all kinds of things you need to learn, Aerrow-san~," Shiba said, winking, "Now finish that book quickly and tell me what you think."

Aerrow did.
There is something poetic about blood. Many have written about it, essayed on its divine qualities. Love-lorn poets are fond of calling love that blood-red colour that sinks into all colours and changes the world.

But there was something ugly about the clash of reds; blood and heart, as she bathed the shard in darkness and feathers and she knew that in keeping him, she had lost all chance of romance.
Er. Dark Ace/Aerrow? <333

I think we singlehandedly proved why they're so meant for each other xDD

WE HAVE I'm amazed what happens when they're with each other for so long!

This is not obsession. Aerrow had to believe that, otherwise he wouldn't have been so happy/angry/happy/angry to see the Dark Ace in the skies, wouldn't be feeling that constant trembling in his sword arm, wouldn't feel his face lit up in an emotion he knew he could not define.

What made it worthwhile was seeing the Dark Ace look just like him.
Fandom - Zelda
Can I request characters instead of a pairing? Something with Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf sitting around and just not trying to kill each other would be nice, if you don't mind. :3
"Don't you think the Triforce is generic?" Link pondered.

Ganon nodded gruffly and Zelda paused, mulling over the thought.

"But the idea of Ganondorf having the triforce of wisdom seems rather unlikely," she finally states, ignoring the glare from the corner of her eyes.

"Well, he is a sorcerer, so he could technically possess it," Link pointed out, "The possibility exists."

"Maybe we should rename the Triforce," Ganondorf muttered, "We need to keep up with the times."

"But we're a classic!" Zelda protests.

"Classics need to get updated too."

"Stop siding with Ganondorf all the time, Link"


"...I just want a shiny weapon instead of a big triangle," Ganondorf mumbles under his breath.

Link and Zelda, wisely, chose to ignore him.
I've had a read through of these little fic snippets and you proved to be a better writer than a lot of "author's" in the Storm Hawks fandom on fanfiction.net

I have a little request of my own

"So this is the end."

Starling crossed her legs, wincing at the pain. She cradled her broken arm in her lap, watching Repton sway from the blood loss.

He hissed and even now, the venom in his glare hadn't faded, "Annnnd? What'ssssss your point?"

Starling said nothing, sweeping her hair behind her neck, "I don't know. I honestly don't."

Repton snorted. The blood had reached his ankles now and she could see the tremble in his knees. He flinched and turned her back to her.

"All thingssssss end," Repton finally said, "That'sssssssss how it'll alwayssssss be. Even for usssss."

Starling thought about the Interceptors, thought about the crying and loneliness she endured and thought about how dark and familiar Repton's back seemed to her.

Perhaps she had been behind him all this while. Starling closed her eyes.

It was the end.

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