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I have a sudden love/orgasm for Storm Hawks again. YAY for rediscovering my passion! But I really wish I got some new episodes. I should really email Asaph Fipke. I mean. His email thing is public :(.

IN OTHER NEWS, once upon a time, I wrote a letter to Tim Omundson (aka Lassiter on Psych) and I'm finally going to share this with the world.

Dearest dear Lassie-kins,

I know we've hit a couple of rough spots over the years, but hey, we're grown men and I think we worked out our differences like reasonable grown men who don't get uptight about ties (still think the red one was the better choice there) and I think it's time I popped the big question, the one many many people on the internet-land seem to be asking about.

Carlton Lassiter. Will you do me the honour of accepting my hand in marriage?

I know, I know, this feels like it's come completely out of the blue, but you can't deny the sexual tension! I mean, you really seem a little eager with the cuffing there. But hey, a man has his kinks and I accept you for what you are. And I feel that deep deep deep down, we have a
connection. A bond that the spirits seem to be endorsing on. You got to love those spirits, they always seem to know what's up. So write back to me and tell me how you feel. Don't be shy, I know you're a huggable Care Bear inside. Embrace it. I'm here for you.

Shawn Spencer

PS: Even if you're the man of the house, I still expect you to do your bit of chores. Which may or may not include pineapple smoothies for lunch. And no late hours at the office or we'll miss our favourite spanish soap operas.

For the record, I regret nothing.
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... I freakin' love you, Toast. SO MUCH.

Now gimme your address so I can mail you sexual chocolatey favors. ALSO, is there any chance you can fly to Hong Kong and meet me or do I have to find you? :(

I'll send you my address. ALSO I DUNNO we're working on getting a Singapore passport (if it goes through I can visit, no problem). How long are you there?

Yay~ ♥ IF I GO, probably August 6-10 or summat like that. We hases an apartment, so you can stay with me. \o/
I would, but my mom is really iffy as I'd hafta find a place to stay and figure out what I'm doing there. orz
Honey. You can stay with me. And for what you can do there, we can go shopping, I could take you to Sentosa etc etc there's no end of stuff to do.
I shall endeavor to ONCE AGAIN convince her. Just. Not right now as I just came back from AX and she is likely to say no in 10 milliseconds. 8Db
Take your time. If you need my parents to write to her or something, they can do that too.
My mom would like to ask your parents if it is a-okay to stay there. o/