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Pimp - French Music

So, like a bunch of us were talking about French music and I haven't done a music post in a while. So, here's some of my french music.

Camille - Au Port - One of her light-hearted songs. If you liked the Ratatouille soundtrack, snag this. It's the same artist.

Cansei De Ser Sexy - Acho Un Poco
- peppy, techno-ish and catchy

Claire Diterzi - Sombre Dimache
- airy, soft and almost a mystic song quality to it, this one is tender and melancholic.

Emily Loizeau - Boby Cheri - This is the kind of song I like to play when I'm walking down the street in my top hat and cane. Makes me wish I had a top hat and cane.

Guy Chambers and Sophie Hunter - L'Onde Amere - So typically french in that heart-breaking yet delicate vocals.

Helena - Je Negeais Nue
- This feels like like the steady flow of a river as the vocals roll over you again and again.

Kyo - Le Chemin - This is a more rockish french song, but it doesn't lose its quality when the duet mixes and reaches new heights.

La Lupe - Fever - a cover song of the original Fever but it doesn't lose any of its sexiness.

Mareva Galanter - Miss Hinano - This feels like a letter, a way to pass down feelings with that sense of completion and devotion to another person.

Nina Simone - Ne Me Quitte Pas - This is my all time favourite french song. Please be careful. It can (and will) break your heart and make you cry. I'm not joking.

For my lovely son trinities and everyone else on my f-list ♥ The songs will only be active for about two months, so snag it now while you have the chance.
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Eeee, it does :D

My antibiotics are kicking in and I can actually breathe, so now I can clean house and listen to these while I do so! Thank you! ♥
...So I was seriously just thinking yesterday that I'd like some more songs in French (the only ones I had was were Tout Doucement by Feist and the French theme song of Code Lyoko...), and then this was posted.

I love you. ♥

PS: It's your fault that I've spent at least 50% of my free time today on TVtrope.

EDIT: Mmm, grammar.

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Clearly my psychic abilities are not restricted to Shawn role-play. (♥)

And TVtropes sucks your soul. We acknowledged this.
Clearly! ♥

Apparently I missed the memo, or I would still be playing Pokemon right now. (I only need one more badge before I can go face the Elite Four! :D) At the very least, TVtropes is incredibly educational! I, for one, never realized that there were so many cliches in the world. I am particularly fond of the Cloudcuckoolander one.
Well, of course it does! That's what it's there for. XD

...I actually started out on the Storm Hawks one, but I haven't finished it yet. Now I'm looking at all the Nightmare Fuel examples and, inexplicably, the page for the video game Disgaea. No, I'm not sure how that happened.