water seeping

baaaaaaaaaw & lol

everything is chash's fault


detailed explanation 2 come when my fingers stop seizing up.
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My inbox knows how to take it. Plus, they're all still in one e-mail. loev gmail.

...although we're going to run past the size limit for one conversation soon. gg us

I ALSO NEED MORE ICONS I usually end up snagging ones that I can't live without when I see them in other people's threads. That's just how I role.
o gmail ♥

...if the limit is 100, we're screwed.

"That's just how I role" I could only think of this in context of ROLEPLAYING AND CFUD. And I made a few and I'll make more later when fingers love me more.
...well, it can. Start a new one. I guess. I'm not sure I ever hit the limit before.

*pet pet pet* Don't make your fingers hate you too much >: Winchesters are sexy, but not that sexy.
gmail needs to update its coolness factor.

I'm going to bed anyway. I WILL TYPE AT YOU TOMORROW because I love you.