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Okay, the answers for the fandoms are....

(drum roll)

1. Trigun: Wolfwood/Vash

2. Get Backers: Ban/Ginji

3.  Saiyuki: Sanzo/Goku, Homura/Goku, Gojyo/Hakkai

4. Gundam Seed: Kira/Athrun

5. Beyblade: Tyson/Kai

6. X/1999: Kamui/Fuuma

7. Escaflowne: Van/Hitomi

8. Shaman King: Yoh/Ren, Yoh/Hao

9. Wolf's Rain: Tsume/Toboe, Kiba/Hige, Hige/Blue

10. Bleach: Ishida/Ichigo, Ichigo/Rukia

11. Cowboy Bebop: Spike/Vicious, Gren/Vicious

12. Digimon: Yamato/Tai, Daisuke/Takeru

;__; Only Angy answered them..you guys odn't love me anymore....


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