water seeping


  • I live! ish. I'm kinda banned from the comp but my folks lets me on today for a short time :D
  • Since the computer is away from me, I focus my attention onto other things
  • Like slipping and falling multiple times. Bruises are my best friend.
  • Working on plotting on some of the overdue novels I need to pen down
  • Playing Trusty Bell: Eternal Sonata which is a game made out of sheer CUTE. Words cannot express how adorable it is. Plus! Chopin dressed in a gay blue hat. I love it.
  • My hands/fingers are getting much better! Still minute amounts of pain shooting through them, but nothing to cry home about.
So. How's everyone else? (checking CFO is painful. S-So many drops)
Bruises are not fun :(

Hehe, Eternal Sonata IS adorable!! Oh. Oh Chopin.

And take care of yourself!! *hugs*

Dark Ace wants to know if he and Aerrow can maybe raise an eggbaby? :D No rush.
Like slipping and falling multiple times. Bruises are my best friend.
Story of my life. You don't even know. XD Let's be clumsy buddies together. 8D

Kneed a sharp edge on my desk so I have a cut+bruise on my knee. Cut the other one on accident. Burned my arm today. =_=
Naw, the burn's the only one of issue. It's not half as bad as the 2 week period where I cut my hand, hurt a toe on each foot and had 2 fat bruises on my leg. >.>

Note: Trying to jump to unlatch a very high fence, running barefoot, and practicing ballet in very small spaces can all lead to injury.
The last 3 were carelessness. The fence thing was a necessary evil. The fence was blown shut by the wind. It was either risking personal injury or standing outside the house in my pajamas like a stalker for 8 hours. =_=

I stacked up some bricks, and tried to reach it on tiptoe. No luck. So I grabbed the top of the fence, and used it to boost myself so I could unlatch it, and I guess my hand didn't clear the top of it as I fell down.