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Title - Death of Romance
Fandom - Princess Tutu
Pairing - Mytho x Rue
Summary/Notes - post-series fic, vagueness.

The Death of Romance
By Timmesque

"It takes seconds for a heart to break. It takes more of a lifetime for one to truly mend."


She danced. Even now, that passion had not dulled for her as he took her outstretched hand and spun her, swanlike, graceful, like a faery on earth. They clapped, they cheered. They were loved, adored, the two magical beings from a forgotten corner. She smiled, she laughed.

She died a little inside.


The mark of a raven never lies. It may not be visible to all, but instinctively, one could pierce through and see the brooding malice beneath the shell. For Mytho, it's buried beneath all the glimmer and love of a prince. For Rue, it remains shoddily disguised by sequins and smiles. And her red eyes remain open. And seen.

People say many things, half intentional half blind, all painful. And the whispers behind her dressing room door never cease. Rue wonders if this was the price she paid for leaving, for defying the story to join in a reality that was bound to hurt her.

But her part in the story wasn't any less merciful and when she curls up in Mytho's arms in the night, it's easy to remember that she was the lucky one.

She then cries for the little duck she left behind.


Mytho was a prince. He loved all creatures, no matter who or what they were. It annoyed her that they gained his trust and wonder so easily while she struggled, bled, killed and broke people for it.

He always looks at her and says, "I'm here for you, Rue."

And she had to believe he wouldn't say that to anyone else.

But doubt is poisonous. It clouds the mind and heart too easily. She could kill him here, right now.

No one would have his smiles, no one would have his heart. He'll die here in the arms of the ballerina, the one with red shoes and red eyes. He'll be remembered as her prince, her lover, her glimmering heart that spun her away. He stirs and he beckons her to bed. She slips her hands around him, her head on her chest and thinks that the world should see him too, even just once, so that there will no longer be someone as unfortunate as her.

He could cure all pain. Except his own.


Mytho is not whole on some days. Sometimes, he is more human than prince and on other days, more raven than human. The wound aches and he cannot resist a cruel word or two. Then the guilt sinks in, deep and fathomless. Mytho is many things, perhaps too many things and he cannot forget any of them, all facets all encompassing like the dancing shadows of a fire.

Rue perceives, Rue comforts, Rue loves. And he drinks in her comfort to breathe, to live, to remember he is, and always to her, a noble prince.


And this is love, faint, clear, no more than the dust of angels in the night. They retire to their bed, quiet, tired little fairytale creatures in a world that is so new to them but so harsh and blunt. And as the dusk settles onto their bedtime like a companion, Rue runs her hands through Mytho's hair and thinks that this is still paradise found.

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He could cure all pain. Except his own.

And that's just the line for it on why he really needs her even if he's the prince and everyone loves him and she's so so messed up.

But her part in the story wasn't any less merciful and when she curls up in Mytho's arms in the night, it's easy to remember that she was the lucky one.

Rue! Rue with survivor's guilt, or at least happy ending guilt and slow acceptance lask I love having these two just have a quiet life after that's not perfect but happy and aha personal love of the hair petting thing, you know she would love doing that to him.

I'm always surprised by the lack of post-series fic. Except the ones where Fakir gets Ahiru to be a girl again. >.>

I think that's the kind of life they would lead; quiet, tender and so very in their own world but at the same time, braving the other world they've entered in.
Me too. I get that everyone wants the immediate resolution to be that Ahiru gets a happier ending and becomes a girl but honestly I think her ending from a long-term standing was happier than Rue's because she's a wonderful and accepting person whereas Rue had spent her life being insecure and only just getting to taste happiness now. Which, in my mind, makes for a lot more turmoil and insecurities to show up.

Mostly I wish fandom would try to write a happy little family where they all live together in a cutesy functioning, yes Fakir and Rue still bicker at times, way.
Asdflkjh, that's beautiful and heartwrenching and I could see this happening SO WELL. ;;b