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You, Me and a Stiff Drink (Supernatural Crossovers)


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1. Supernatural/Speed Racer

"So, did you actually go to your funeral?" The masked man rumbled quietly in the corner.

Dean chuckled, "Nah, had to skip town soon after that. What kind of guy misses his own funeral? It's the pits."

"Indeed," His voice was low, but commanding, "Thank for your time, sir." And then he leaves his card on the table and walks out the door, feeling more of a ghost than a man.

Dean shrugged, looked at the card ("Racer X? What kind of alias is that?") and pocketed it.

2. Supernatural/Jonny Quest

"You gotta be kidding me."

Sam gave him a "be serious Dean." Of course, Sammy doesn't kid. Dean frowned at the three kids in front of him.

"No. No way we're babysitting kids on a hunt."

Sam gave him another glare, "Dean, that's Jonny Quest."

"Jonny who now?"

"Jonny Quest? son of THE Benton Quest, world's most famous scientist?" Sam choked when the blank looks remained, "Have you seriously never heard of the guy?"

Dean shrugged, "So I don't read the Nerd Weekly."

Sam wisely ignored him from then on.

3. Supernatural/Devil May Cry

Lady walked up to him, "So, you're the new hunter in town."

Dean stared, "Yes I am."

"You're not bad."

"Thank you."

"You're staring at my boobs."

"Well, I was taught to stare at the important things."

Lady's lips twitched, "Go to Devil May Cry. We might have something interesting lined up for the two of you."

Dean could hardly wait.

4. Supernatural/Batman

"No Dean, you can't hunt the Batman if he's not actually a Bat-man."

More to come later.
...considering I had a dream last night where I rescued Robert Hayden from a construction zone and then he dyed his hair blue and married me YES I WOULD
But less good to turn into a drabble.

--also I can't believe I failed to initially use this icon in response to this post.
Title: Damsel in Distress
Author: Chash
Pairing: Chash/Robert Hayden

...I dunno, it feels wrong, somehow.
I think the part where he turned into a Lego would be difficult to really explain in prose. Maybe an epic poem.
Title: Damsel in Distress
Author: Chash
Pairing: Chash/Robert Hayden (Law of Ueki)
Warnings: EPIC POEM, people turning into Legos, Mary Sue????

'Twas first I saw him cross the monstrous chasm,
The boy who'd lost himself in cones and rock.
The way o'er there was taut and frayed: that rope
Never had carried such a weight as mine.
Like the Sword in the Stone was its promise;
She who could save him was to have his hand,
And I, a poor farmer's daughter, could not
Have ever dreamed of such an honored fate.
So I girded all my strength and, shaking,
Took that thin string between my callused hands.

Lo, the gods must have been smiling that day;
The way was swift, my course was sure, the boy
Cross the chasm shrunk, became blocky, tiny,
So as he could fit inside my small hands.
I took him, careful, not sure how human
His small form was, not sure how fragile;
I carried him like he was made of glass.
The rope held firm as I slid back, my hands
Run raw by chafing hemp, my spirit not
Caring for anything but its new charge.

When we came back he was a man again,
Hair a darker color than e'er I knew.
And a worthy husband I had got me
Except just then his dad fucking shot me.

OH MY GOD, Jonny Quest. I loved that show.

"Well, I was taught to stare at the important things."

It's so hard to find that show now :(

Thank you. I don't want to write angst for Supernatural (since it's covered). Crack is my way to go.
OMG. Supernatural/Batman killed me. In the most pleasant way possible.

Your dreams are much more interesting than mine xDD
Every other month I somehow always get a dream involving Jurassic Park. I do not know why.