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Let's do another one of these.

Fanfiction Prompt Meme: Give me a pairing (or none), fandom and a prompt and I'll fill it for you! Unlimited requests is fine as well.

  • Gundam 00
  • Kaori Yuki stuff (Ludwig Kakumei, Godchild, Angel Sanctuary)
  • Pandora Hearts, Crimson Shell
  • Ghost Hound, Tactics
  • Storm Hawks, Avatar, Speed Racer
  • Gentlemen Bastards
  • Peacemaker Kurogane, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihehito
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion, Record of Heaven's Descent, Angelic Days
  • Trusty Bell Eternal Sonata, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Devil May Cry 4
  • ...what the hell, you guys know the rest.
Also, I'm feeling a weird apping itch. So if you want to rec me characters to app or something, now's the time.
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... Can i request Zelda and Pandora Hearts crossover drabble please? :3
"More tea, Sir Ganondorf?" Sharon asked, dipping her head politely.

Ganondorf would have preferred to say no, but Sharon was looking at him so earnestly, he relented and nodded his consent.

Sharon gracefully poured it for him and settled on the chair, "I heard you've met our capricious Oz Vesalius."

Ganondorf didn't flinch. Sure, he had met the boy, dragged him around a bit, realized he wasn't Zelda and threatened someone dear to him. Yes, he knew the boy.

Sharon didn't wait for an answer, "We do love him so. Please don't make him sad."

Ganondorf wondered if the perpetually smiling youth could ever be sad.

"And we do want him safe and well."

Ganondorf would have boggled. He was being threatened over tea.

...And it was frightening.
fsajdsf;jad hahahaha oh man I love you so much. XD Ganon's thought process, especially on "yes, he knew the boy," so good.

Ganondorf loev being topped by lolis? XD;;;
Oooh. True. There's a link to scanlations for the last volume (4), on free_manga.

....When did Lisette's face heal? D:
Ludwig Kakumei! Something with Ludwig and Idike where Idike tops the hell outta Ludwig. o/
Do you love me, do you love me, do you love me?

Ludwig stands over her as she bends down to pluck some heather from the ground. He finds that flowers don't suit her. She didn't have that beauty.

"You're so impatient, Ludwig," she smiles (breathless, painful, not her and so her), "Couldn't you wait for me?"

"I don't wait for anyone," he said rudely, "What makes you so different?"

Idike kicked him.

"You have some nerve!" Ludwig snarled, ready to pounce. But Idike had already moved away, laughing (breathless breathless).

"I am different," And Ludwig was struck by how much she had grown, how bolder and brighter she had become, "Because I am the only woman who will love you."

"Lots of women love me," he groused.

"No," she said, "They love the prince. They love the beauty. But they don't love you."

Ludwig was quiet. Idike's arms slipped around his neck and she sighed (breathless) into his face and said, "Go back. Come for me in the end."

And he doesn't profess a love, he doesn't hold her in his arms, he doesn't kiss her goodbye, but he simply looks at her as her (bright ugly breathless thing) and said, "I will."
Locke/Jean, it's the most comfortable awkward meaningless drunken sex he's ever had. :D?