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I got one of my depression attacks. They come sometimes, which is rather odd because it came on a good day. Probably after-effects of the fever I received. My body is weird that way. I get a 3 hour fever and I recover almost immediately. O__O;; Scary, I know.

I realized that our breakfast conversations are very amusing and non-sensical at times. Strange, considering we have a teacher who sit on our table and listens to our nonsense.

This is what we discussed today.

Angy: Mr. Henry, I'd like to tell you the future plans of the Zombie Army of the North.
Mr. Henry: What?
Me: That thing she tried to make you join. Her made up army.
Mr. Henry: Oh. What about it?
Angy: Our future plan is to take over the world.
Me: Not very original is it?
Mr. Henry: So what do I get?
Angy: The State of Montana!
Mr. Henry:...Okay...
Me: ...
Angy: You get to decide who comes in or not.
Mr. Henry: That's cool.
Me: Have you even considered the possibilty that no one might come?
Angy: Don't ruin my plans of world domination! ><
Me: ....

Also, my dad is top of the weird-o-meter...

Dad: Are you okay?
Me: Just slight fever, why?
Dad: For a minute I thought you had a sexually transmitted disease, like AIDS.
Me: O_O;;; What the fuck?! >< You think I have AIDS?!?! What kind of sick pervert are you?!!?!
Dad: So, do you have AIDS?
Me: NO!!!
Dad: Okay...

...Yes, sicko dad. It reminds me of our 'other conversations'

Dad: Hey. How's the guy scene? (my dad has been trying ot get me to date for ages. Not succeeding though..)
Me: ...I don't have a guy scene.
Dad: Okay. (pause) How's the girl scene?
Me: O_O;;;;;; What?!
Dad: Well, I'm assuming since you don't have a guy scene, maybe you have a girl scene.
Me: ...Just because I don't have a boyfriend does not automatically make me a lesbian!!! >< Pervert!

My Kakashi-like father. How disturbing =.=;;

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