Daphne in the wood (bromantic) wrote,
Daphne in the wood

So I finally got around to reading Superior! I like it but I kinda want to shoot the mangaka's use of colours at times. Other than that, it was pretty, fun and relaxing to read!

I actually read a fair bit of manga lately, something which I haven't done in a way since I'm incredibly lazy (especially for things that gone for forever. I don't have that kind of patience, sadly) And this can be applied to my anime watching too.

I should also go to the library to look at reference materials (and read some new comics).

On a more whiny, ranting topic, dear world. Stop trying to belittle me. I'm not perfect at everything I do. I know this. I also know I enjoy whatever I do and I'm having fun. So stop trying to depress me around every turn. It's not working.
Tags: dear myself, earth to mars do you read me?, meh :/, this is a revelant post

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