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I love writing! I love talking about writing! So of course, I had to do my favourite five fics meme thing. Not in order because I'm lazy.

1. Never Coming Home [Pandora Hearts, Oz/Gil] [oneshot]

A part of him wishes to press himself against it, but this was not the same wall, but one of different make and he is so uncertain of himself, so uncertain of a wistful childhood promise that he simply curls his fingers around his arm and chokes it  in a death like grip.

2. Inches [Kyou Kara Maou, Adelbert/Julia/Conrad] [oneshot]

When they were children, Conrad and Adelbert had sealed a childhood promise that lasted as long as children can see 'forever'. Julia remembered sneaking into the garden, her back pressed against the trunk where she heard their voices drift towards her.

Adelbert said arrogantly that he would only be buried next to Julia.

Conrad then said, "Then I want to be buried next to you."

3. Undone [Princess Tutu, Rue/Mytho] [note: 95% of my favourite fics are like. Rue/Mytho fics I've written ._. ] [oneshot]

He curls around her, a speck on the bed, his white feathery hair against her skin like a paintbrush. She dips her hands in poison and runs her fingers through his skin, marking trails of charcoal black on his skin like carnage. She paints on him, loving, soothing, a metaphor on white.

4. Alleyway [Romeo x Juliet, Francisco/Tybalt] [oneshot]

Verona crawls. It's a live, dirty thing, the way the roads twisted around themselves, choking out the space and air as they twined against the dusty buildings, cobwebbed in nature. It's only in the day when the city spins its own glow, the rich world living, breathing. In the night, it dies, so softly and so ugly that you take a breath and it reeks to high heaven.

5.  Aerials [Storm Hawks, Aerrow/Dark Ace] [3 parts]

I...found it incredibly hard to pick a part I liked since I kinda loved all of it. :( my brainchild.
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See, I would do this meme if I'd written more than a handful of stuff. And if I'd written it within the last three years.

I should read your stuff sometime /o/

I do this meme every year-ish or so. Sometimes, there's new stuff and sometimes it's old stuff! I write a lot.
Maybe collect some prompts that ping you and start? That always helps.


Write me retarded Haruka and Klavier fic.
I keep wanting to write that cursed funeral fic.

...HO HO. I think I'd have to read some Tactics first.