water seeping

this post is dedicated to buffy

Brother: I bet you're writing a trashy fantasy.
Dad: No, see, what's she's writing is about two cowboys on Mars. And they fall in love. So we cover the Western and the romance bit. Oh, and there's another cowboy who falls in love with a Martian. So we have fantasy. Then they have to fight the Venusian invaders, so we have war in it too.
Dad: But we don't have horror yet...hmmm.
Dad: OH. They can have babies after that and it'll be horror. Because ewwwwwww.
Me: . . .
Dad: Isn't this an amazing idea? SEE I'M HELPING.
Me: Someone tell me I'm adopted.

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Yes, see, this is even better than seeing my birth certificate.

Did I also tell you the time my dad made puns out of LoTR names during the movie?