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Music Post - Anime Soundtracks (Instrumental)

Fukusawa Hideyuki - Jidai ~ Shiryuu no Kiza (Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihiheto)
Not a lot of people know about Fukusawa Hideyuki's music, but even as a fairly unknown composer, he blows you away. Very good in bringing out strong, nostalgic feelings in his soundtracks, this particular piece feels like it's stretching through time and space and heart.

Ishii Yasushii - Toll of the Masked Priest's Chapel
(Hellsing TV)
The Hellsing soundtracks may not be something for everyone's tastes, but in terms of originality and genre of music, Ishii Yasushi has clearly created something that stands the test of time. Which made picking a piece from the soundtrack hard because they all had something special about it. This is Anderson's theme and it's heavy with a sense of foreboding and danger.

Joe Hisaishi - The Legend of Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)
Most of Joe Hisaishi's works try to incorporate stories in the music. While Laputa was soaring and dreamy and Spirited Away was tinkling with bells and mystique, the Princess Mononoke is deeper, darker and more rooted into the earth while yet holding a keening sound of a hope in the woods.

Kathy Shower - Chinkon (Mirage of Blaze)
Ah, Mirage of Blaze. A show that spans a love story from over 400 years. Kathy Shower does a good job of bringing that heartache and pain into this particular piece "Chinkon"  as its inner sadness drives you inward. A fitting song for Takaya and Naoe.

Konishi Kayo - Rin'ne (Elfen Lied)
All of Elfen Lied comes under one category; depressing. But that doesn't make the music in the show any less lovely. Rin'ne, based on the opening theme Lilium, is a softler gentler song than most of its companions and yet keeps its yearning quality.

Naoki Sato - Last Battle (X TV)
I love all of the X soundtrack because it is just so very epic. And the Last Battle is a fitting piece to the end of X, the apocalypse and everything surrounding it. Dramatic, bold and breathtaking, Naoki Sato never ceases to amaze me.

Taku Iwasaki - Read or Die Extended Theme (Read of Die OVA)
James Bond, eat your heart out. Taku Iwasaki brings in the pizazz, the jazz, the vibrancy for this theme which fits the whole angle of Read or Die perfectly.

Tezuka Satomi - Zetsubou to kibou no sukimi ni (Shadow Skill TV)
Shadow Skill, in my opinion, still has the best soundtrack I have ever heard in my life. It suits the anime, it's completely different from every anime I have ever heard and the simple themes just blow me away every time. I spent ages finding any song I could. I can't rec all of it, but this song incorporates the tribal beats, the vastness of thinking and belief. It also still a part of my favourite anime montage sequences ever.

Yoko Kanno - She's so high (Turn A Gundam)
I have almost every single piece of Yoko Kanno music ever. So, reccing stuff from her was incredibly difficult because I love all of her work. In the end, I took something from the underappreciated Turn A Gundam which I consider one of her more solid works of music ever. This particular piece has the flightiness of a bird and the sense of an endless sky.

Yuki Kajiura - break the sword of justice (Tsubasa Chronicles)
We all know the anime is pretty terrible stuff, but we can't say the same for its music. While sometimes Yuki Kajiura uses too much epic choral and techno in her songs for me to truly love her, she does bring in a fighting quality in this song that could cheer anyone up or fight back injustice!

Remember, comment and download. Tell me if the links aren't working for you and I'll upload it onto something else. 
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