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Anyone know where I can find old-school PC games? Like idk, scrabble for the comp or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?* I feel the need to dump some arcade games on my comp since the only one I have right now is Bejeweled.

*If someone can find me this game or a version that works, I will love you forever and ever and ever.
If you ever find a copy of the Carmen game that works on modern computers, let me know, too. That shit was awesome.
It was my favourite game and one of the few ones I could always replay no matter what.

I'll be sure to let you know!
We used to have three of them--World, USA, and Space. Around the mid to late nineties, we got new computers and they wouldn't even load anymore. :(

Thank you~
Didn't I give you DOSBox, damnit? Run the dosgames on that, it works fine. The 1985 version of Carmen Sandiego is here, get the MS-DOS version, the 1991 version here. There's a further list of dl places here, just look for where it tells you "where to download etc".

If you're talking about the games for Windows 95 or 98, then you may be out of luck, because they probably won't run on modern puters. Well, I can still get SimPark to run, I haven't the foggiest clue how, and it's a touch buggy, but still. And Theme Hospital does sorta run on DOSBox--buggily, but it works. So...yeah, maybe just try that. I think you can actually find all the Carmen games here.

Yayyyy, old school games.
I'm actually looking for the broderbund version of carmen sandiego and don't worry about older games not working. My comp can be a miracle worker sometimes.
It won't let me download the trial thing and I can't ship it here because it doesn't have paypal.
I know a site where you can play practically every NES game made ever...? PC games are not my thing.
OH MAN if I wasn't so lazy right now, I'd upload Block for you. Just, um, prod me about it later. :D;

Also it's not old school, but I find Roogoo kind of cute? You can download a demo for it (I'm waiting to see how the DS version turns out later).