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"No one should abuse the army!" "But sir, you do it all the time!" "...I'm going to ignore that"

So I finally got my hands on the entirety of Akira and finished it within two hours.

I have to say guys. My mind? IT IS BLOOOOOOOOOOWN. Though I spent a great deal of my time swearing at volume four at the lack of Kaneda in it >.> But omg Kei and Kaneda and omgggggggggggggggg. I love those two ;;. And the depth of this manga scares me.

I borrowed Keroro Gunsou manga along with some other stuff. I finally got a look at Garuru. S-Socool. And Giroro with the kitten. Oh Gwen. I saw you in him.

Overall, today has made me very happy considering I got up in a general bad mood. I have to thanks my awesome f-list for most of that and the fact my dad made pizza for lunch today.

I'm tempted to do that questions meme, but really. I can't think of any to start with. I might to the letters meme that Dust did because I like talking about people I love and what I love about them.
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