...so basically if we both happen to be awake when it's 11:30 am my time on Saturday, you're going to make me watch this. Otherwise I'm going to forget. XD
Oh man. D: Someone has to upload it somewhere. I don't see anything anywhere about it coming back to Cartoon Network.
Me too. D: ...It should be on right now and I can't even check if it's back on Cartoon Network because the TV my roommate brought for our dorm has mysteriously disappeared. ;_;
But there was no Dark Ace!! D:

OMG. THE SUBTEXT. We need a Piper and a Cyclonis now because slash is ALMOST COMPLETELY CANON as of this episode!!
I looooove you~?

But seriously, m'glad that Storm Hawks is continuing again. Maybe this time, we'll finally get a soundtrack so I can get that rocking villainess violin theme. :(b