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Apologies to all who has to go through my incredible high yesterday. I got a really high fever to the point I kept hallucinating about little girls in kimonos running around my house (...yeah. don't ask)

I'm better now and possibly even better tomorrow since my fever went down a lot today. A big thanks to Booster who sent me a sweet email, Teito and wife who bullied me into bed.
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IT WAS VERY BIZARRE also I had a dream where Kon approved of a marriage between you and me.

...Don't ask.
Little girls in kimonos...that's kinda creepy xP

Anyways, glad you're feeling better! *squeeze*
I love writing you emails~

Mainly it was like "WHY DOESN'T IT FEEL LIKE 3AM...Oh, I haven't seen my Ozling D:"

But ewww fevers are awful and I'm glad you're feeling better and take lots of vitamin C and rest rest rest!
Asdlfkjh DON'T DIE, TOAST. DDDDD: I will likely hafta call a seance to lecture you on getting enough rest to not get a fever. :(
I SEE THAT ICON THAR, don't even think about it, missy. :/ I know someone who knows black magic! :( And I will cry. A lot.