water seeping

"You thought there was a secret chord...."

How does it feel when you read something? Sometimes, there's a sense of happiness, maybe one of completion. I can't say all of them are the same since what you read is different.

I, myself, tend to fall in love with what I read. Not always, mind you. Just often enough. And the problem with falling in love with something is that it makes you completely irrational. And then the pain comes. When the story hurts, I start to hurt. Sometimes I cry and sometimes, I can't even get the words out, the feeling so strong I have to bite my lip and look elsewhere.

I can tell you now, it's not something I'm proud of. This "falling in love" with a book or a story. I feel it weakens me in some way.

At the same time, I don't think I could give up this part of me for the world. And it will stay. For how long, I wonder. But it stays for now.

Till then, I suppose I will just keep hurting and loving.
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I don't know.

I write because I want people to feel something in the words I put down.
Mmmm that's what I want to do as well. I don't believe I can do it, but sometimes people surprise me.
I don't think you can ever say that about writing. Because by writing something someone somewhere (you or a reader you don't even know or someone across the world) will feel something. What the hard part is ... is trying to get your 'intended audience' to feel what you might want them to feel without losing what's you in the process. At least, that's what I think. And the only way to do that is read more and write more.

Writers are people who fall in and out of love all the time. Just with what. ♥
That's a good point. Getting them to feel you. It still surprises me when someone loves something I've written and I kinda go mentally, "Really? You liked it?". Granted, this is now reserved towards old reviews in my ff.net profile.
ff.net reviews... sigh. I have. two ff.net accounts and they both embarrass me horribly.

ANYWAY I would like to say that writing is all about love and feeling. And it's not weak, it's something that maybe you feel you should channel better, but a writer who doesn't feel isn't a writer at all.

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Uhm, it depends on what I'm reading? I've never cried while reading a book but I have felt strongly about books and come close to crying?
Like I said, it depends on the book and the person. I tend to throw myself very deeply into what I see, read and believe.
I think that's the reason writers take up their pen; to write something powerful enough to move their readers and sometimes to make a point. I don't write as much as I used to, but when I do, mostly I just want to have fun but at the same time I want people who read my stuff to feel some kind of emotion, even if a little.

Usually when I read, I get frustrated when certain things happen or when certain characters decide they want to be idiots and then I feel like hitting things xD But when things are finally resolved, I feel a sense of satisfaction.

And it's not weak to fall in love with a book! D: It means you're a strong person who's not afraid to feel and show your emotions. It's people who are afraid to do that who are weaker.
I don't think it "weakens" you in any way. The ability to truly empathize with a story and the characters in them is something I find to be kinda really amazing. And even though stories have their pain and sorrow in them, they still have so many other positive bits that make one happy and want to cheer for the characters. ♥
I can tell you now, it's not something I'm proud of. This "falling in love" with a book or a story. I feel it weakens me in some way.

I don't feel it would do that.

Though I admit, when I was 13 and just starting to cry for movies, I was horribly embarrassed. I'd used to pride myself on being stoic through Mufasa's death, but now at just the start of the stampede I'll tear up. But you know... what was there for me to be proud of in not reacting to something emotional? Falling in love with a story... it's just kind of there. You don't have to be proud of it, but all it means is that you've got feelings.