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All future "emo" entries will be privately locked.

Speak now or forever hold your piece.
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Sometimes things are too personal to share. Here's to hoping you won't need to make very many emo personal posts.

[snugs] It's more of the feeling that people are judging me when I talk about myself. And it's making me feel very miserable.
<-- Will just hafta randomly pounce on you with hugs. Which is. Actually pretty normal. <3
*headtilt* Whilst I approve of this move, in general, because I believe that internalization of and coping with emo is vital to a healthy psyche and some of that involves wanting privacy to sort shit out, I would gently advise you to be careful not to...turn everything so inwards that you become alone in your skull and shatter under the pressure. Unless your intent is to break yourself and rebuild from the pieces, but that will hurt a lot.

tl;dr don't stop talking to people
I love you a lot, honey. You know where I am, and while I may not be super available for chatting this weekend, I still like to hear from you. I understand the need to not put all of yourself out there, but you and me, baby, we're internalizers. So...just don't let it become too much. ♥ I'll be thinking about you looooots~!
You should do as you want, but I would like you to talk with me when you want to all the same.

. . . The kicks will continue until communication improves, etc.
I suspected as much.

I...really don't want to talk. Or just. Not talk. But I'll try and speak with you when I can. I just...don't want to make a habit out of it.
Just echoing the people who are saying that if you feel it's best go for it as long as you remember people are there for you to talk to. I'm here to listen or distract if you ever want to talk about it.
What everyone else has been saying so far. You should do what's best for you.

I don't know if I have the right to say this, but I'll be here to talk anytime.

*huggles* Best of luck!
Do what you need to best sort things out for yourself, but don't forget people are here to support you if you need it. ♥
I don't always comment on people's "emo", but I get really worried when I get the idea that someone's upset and I don't know why and can't offer hugs or advice on the occasion that I do have something helpful to add. Also, like inarticulate said, it helps to remember you're not alone. ♥
I think you should do what makes you feel comfortable, but I admit I feel cautious of wholly supporting this because of the "emo" quotations. We through that word around a lot and most of the time there is a thread of derogatory nature associated it -- like we're not allowed to show ourselves to the world fully. And while privacy is good and perhaps sometimes we think it may not be the best to wear our heart and soul as our clothing I think it is the wrong impression to have to think that showing your emotions to others (good, bad, sad, depressing, hopeless, hopeful) is either negative or a weakness or degrading.

But, again, if this is something you want to do, feel comfortable doing and it is for you and not for other people, then you have all the support I can give you. Remember that it's okay to share and be yourself ups and downs ♥
Yeah, the problem is a lot of times when I do, I find myself not...really better where I left off and people do make me paranoid. But this is more of a step to see how well I can deal with myself. I just need to know my limits.