water seeping

dear aerrow plz hide



Also Tintin is the only cartoon on earth where the villains say, "I KEEL YOU" (YES. THAT IS WHAT THEY SAY. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT). Also -

Tintin: So why did they steal the idol if it was worthless?
Thomson: Tintin, isn't it obvious?

Thompson: Because they're criminals!

But that's ok! Dark Ace can save you :D Oh wait...

OMG Tintin! My brother is such a fan xD I say Tintin is suspiciously feminine compared to the rest of the cast *repeatedly shot*
...HE BETTER. er I mean >.>

HE IS ACTUALLY. And idk there were like. NO FEMALES IN TINTIN except for Castafiore and Tintin always remained...unattached.