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Remember kids. Don't shoot your employer

SO I got a call later this morning. It was from Andrew at Eton House (where I will be working soon)

Andrew: Hi! Your cellphone wasn't one!
Me: [checks] ...When exactly did you call me?
Andrew: 7:30 am!
Me: ...Sorry, but I was asleep.
Andrew: Ah, okay!

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...This is the closest icon I have to sleeping. This must be remedied. XD

But oh man, I get that from my parents. "I CALLED YOU AT 7! WHY DIDN'T YOU PICK UP?"
"...My classes don't start til 10:45. Why would I pick up?!" D:

Yeah see, you call me at that time, you should HOPE I pick it up.
I dunno. I tend to get up naturally between 6:30 and 8:30 when I don't work evenings/nights.
One time my Crazy McCrazyface art history teacher called me at 7 am on a Friday (the start of our weekend) just to chat about my art history paper. Just 'cause. And she almost accused me of plagiarism but then she was like "oh, it's so good. and i almost thought...well, and then realized it was you."

SO YEAH. YOU COULD BE UNSMART AND KEEP YOUR PHONE ON LIKE I DO. It's my alarm and then if it rings I have to pick it up. It's a compulsion.
Some people just have weird sleeping habits I guess xD