water seeping


Working slowly to get skiesofatmosstarted. I AM A TERRIBLE MOD NOT TO MENTION LAZY but I really want to make this work so I will persevere!

On that side note, I should do something about spin_a_dream. I think it's time Charlie the unicorn did a post. And I still want to experiment with prose. 

OH RANDOMLY more people join microcosm_rp . That is all.


Also I think my brain died today.

Oh honey, I didn't say that. I just want to get it jumpstarted. I need you to check the stuff I done and see if everything's okay.
No, you didn't say it, but it's, you know. Kind of true. "LET'S MAKE AN RP! ... AND THEN DISAPPEAR FOR TWO WEEKS! 8D 8D 8D"

yeah our weekend starts tonight so we'll go over stuuuuff
SEE. JESS IS ALREADY A BETTER MOD THAN ME since I don't even have a journal yet. Haha, oops.

I look forward to Atmos, do something when I'm back!!111! and I will be joining.

HOPEFULLY IF I AM SUPER SPECIALLY PRODUCTIVE, I should have things jumpstarted by then.