water seeping

I've seen some bad times, lived through some sad times, this time your hurt won't heal...

So my dad took me out for lunch today (or to be frank, he said he was going out for lunch with a friend and I could tag along).

We started off with singing Rhinestone Cowboy in the car. Loudly. It's a good thing our windows were up.

Then we met with his friend and they gossiped about the FAILINGS of the music industry and so on. Luckily, Pearl was with me and she and I exchanged glances of, "WTF BBQ" and "oh god MAKE THEM STOP". 

On the way back, my dad decided it was time for country. Now, I don't listen to country. It's one of the few genres of music I don't touch at all. Luckily I was sleepy and in a good mood, so I didn't bug him about it.

So he played these songs and I couldn't help noticing a certain pattern to them.

Me: So this guy's wife got RAPED?
Dad: Yup.
Me: And the other guy's wife left him.
Dad: Yeah.
Me: Why are all these songs depressing?
Dad: That's the way of country music and America.
Me: So you're telling me America is made of emo music?
Dad; Well, look at the next one!

It was about a fugitive. The one after that was a guy about to get HANGED. The third one was on Bonnie and Clyde.

Dad: Country music is all about the american way of life.
Me: ...I feel so educated now.

Seriously. Give it a check. Avoid looking at the contemporary country music and look at the classics. I think you'll be surprised at what you find.

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Oh oh oh this reminds me of a joke


You get your wife back, you get your dog back, you get your truck back...
Reminds of the Tom Dooley song, only that that's folk not country. But I used to think it was a really cute song because of the music until I grew up and looked at the lyrics. ^_^;
oh yes. My family loved country music as I was growing up. One of my favourites used to be one I only knew as Knoxville Girl, sung from the point of view of a guy who beats his girlfriend to death because she cheated on him. Another one I liked to sing was from the viewpoint of a guy who was going to drown himself in the river because the girl he loved was leaving town.

... Well, at least now I know what those songs are really about, as opposed to when I was 10 and just liked to sing them!