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  • The Warden is OBSESSED with Aerrow. LIKE. REALLY OBSESSED. LIKE I want to lock you up in my prison forever obsessed. orz
  • Did I mention the Warden was OBSESSED?!
  • Poor Junko. All he ever wanted to be was a COOL WALLOP.
  • As usual, Radarr gets the short end of the stick
  • When did we get shields back? I THOUGHT WE LOST OUR SHIELDS.
I..don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing there's a lack of Warden and Aerrow fic out there. I REALLY DON'T KNOW.
Oh. *re-reads the sentence.* DUH! I thought it said "good or bad thing there's a Warden and Aerrow fic..."

Geez, I'm overdue for my morning coffee.
I worked almost until midnight. (Now, if I was clubbing, that would be another story altogether!)
"You gotta start playing!"

At that point, my jaw just dropped and I was like, "AERROW. GEEZ YOU ADORABLE DOUCHE."

The BARF isn't really...that cool Junko. You're way cooler than they are.
Hey. This has nothing to do with episode 30, cuz I haven't seen it yet, BUT.

I was just wondering, is it okay if I blame the almost 1000 words of fic I just wrote on your little "the dark ace really did kill my father" tag on Aerrow's journal?

Because I am. Just saying.

PS: I'm not sure if I want to post it anywhere or not, so if you want to read it, speak now or forever hold your peace! It's pretty terrible and angsty, though, for the record.
XD For the sake of my few remaining brain cells, it's a good thing. A VERY good thing. XD